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Best bibal christian baby girl names with meaning from A to Z letter and gift of god, princess christian girl names you can easily find names clicking the letter. Let us know about baby girl names. Hope you like these baby girl names.

Names Meaning Category Numerology
Sysley A woman who has no sight Christian 6
Sussi Nickname for susan Christian 5
Suzonne A lady who is like a rose Christian 7
Sisely A woman who can't see Christian 6
Sila A girl who is full of strenght and power Christian 4
Soleine A woman with solemnity Christian 7
Syvva A wooden woman Christian 5
Sueanne A noble woman who is like a lilly flower Christian 7
Senora Chamorro word for lady. Christian 6
Suzilah A rare version of the name Susan Christian 7
Susanne Lily Christian 7
Sanela Healthy Christian 6
Solfrid She is beuatiful like the Sun Christian 7
Souzan She has the grace of a lily flower Christian 6
Salato Tree Christian 6
Sunnie She is the Sun's gift Christian 6
Seena Christian 5
Sixtine Sixth Christian 7
Susanita Another name for lily flower Christian 8
Siiri A deminutive of Sigrid Christian 5
Stahyana She who is from a beautiful clearing in the woods Christian 8
Shukhia The light Christian 7
Skky From the heavens Christian 4
Saverina Feminine form of Xavier. It means the new house. Christian 8
Sigurdís Victorious woman Christian 1
Snefrid One who loves snow Christian 7
Swethyna A sweet loved one Christian 8
Swetiue She who is sweet Christian 7
Stara One who is old Christian 5
Simonida A woman who is heard by God Christian 8
Sajna Christian 5
Syryia She who is from Syria Christian 6
Saritha Christian 7
Slavka She who achieved greatness Christian 6
Synne She who is of the Sun Christian 5
Stanburch Amusing Christian 9
Sine One who has felt the God's graciousness Christian 4
Somoche A distinguished woman. Christian 7
Saaman Jasmine Christian 6
Syretia A serious Christian 7
Serenata Serenade Christian 8
Siobhan God is gracious Christian 7
Sela A short form of selena Christian 4
Stephania A woman who is crowned Christian 9
Saraa A princess ; lady Christian 5
Sylwia She who is a lady of the forest Christian 6
Shooshan Assyrian form of Susan. It means lily. Christian 8
Sathyapriya Christian 1
Sydnye She who lives on a wide island Christian 6
Silviea Silviea is a form of Silvia and means woman of the woods. Christian 7
Stockard Stockyard Christian 8
Sylvonna A dame of the woods Christian 8
Sueta She who brings light to the world Christian 5
Solange She who is a religious woman Christian 7
Syrita She is a Sun Christian 6
Sydnei She who comes from a wide island Christian 6
Sapphire Precious gem Christian 8
Salbjörg House Christian 1
Stephany The crown is hers Christian 8
Skyla The sky Christian 5
Szonja A woman who is wise Christian 6
Sabina Christian 6
Slany To be in good health Christian 5
Sylvina A dame of the forest Christian 7
Sadee A princess ; lady Christian 5
Swanilda A girl who is a battle swan Christian 8
Siete Tongan word of jet stone Christian 5
Sistine A name of the Vatican chapel with Michelangelo's frescoed ce... Christian 7
Sampa Christian 5
Salette A form of sally Christian 7
Senada One who is graceful and heavenly. Christian 6
Swintayla A modern rare African-American name Christian 9
Syble She who is a prohet Christian 5
Sym A woman who is like a symphony Christian 3
Sylvia Lumber Christian 6
Sofieke One who is wise Christian 7
Sosanna She is like a Lily flower Christian 7
Summerset One who comes from the summer settlement Christian 9
Sisse She who has no sight Christian 5
Stefana Crown Christian 7
Sophonisba A name of the CArtagian pricess Christian 1
Stephaine Crown Christian 9
Selenna Of the moon Christian 7
Samhitha Christian 8
Sesili Sesili is a Georgian form of Cecily and means blind Christian 6
Sophelia One who helps with her wisdom Christian 8
Sveta One who shines with the divine light Christian 5
Sinitalela Little one from the ashes. Christian 1
Sopio Georgian form of Sophia Christian 5
Sujey One who brings charm and hope Christian 5
Snædís She who is a goddess of Snow Christian 1
Stellina A little shining star Christian 8
Sioned She who felt the kindness of the God Christian 6
Snæbjörn Snow bear Christian 1
Sunniva Sun gift Christian 7
Saloni Christian 6
Sofya A woman who is wise Christian 5
Slavica She who brings glory Christian 7
Solenne She is like a sunlight Christian 7
Suellen She is like a lilly Christian 7
Sophina A little wise one Christian 7
Stjepana Female of Stephan Christian 8
Suprema A supreme woman Christian 7
Somtochukwu Praise God with me. Christian 1
Sonora Loud Christian 6
Sarai Quarrelsome Christian 5
Selena Selena means like the moon Christian 6
Salini Christian 6
Sydneigh She is from a very wide island Christian 8
Silvi A woman from the woods Christian 5
Sydny She who is of the wide island Christian 5
Savanah Plateau Christian 7
Sile She who is full of youth Christian 4
Silvestra A woman of the forest Christian 9
Saana Dough Christian 5
Sadiee A princess ; lady Christian 6
Soreana Strict and stern. Christian 7
Swonild A responsible and clever minded person Christian 7
Signy One who brings new victories Christian 5
Susanna Lily Christian 7
Saddie A princess ; lady Christian 6
Sang-Hee Benevolence and pleasure Christian 8
Sarlote Free man Christian 7
Stina She is a good Christianity Christian 5
Stonilda A stony woman Christian 8
Sharukina Female version of Sharukin. It means true king. Christian 9
Stephy A short from Stephany Christian 6
Sunni She was the gift of the Sun Christian 5
Sabreen A short form of sabreena Christian 7
Sarlota Croatian variant of Caroline Christian 7
Sikudhani A pleasant surprise Christian 9
Sophie She is wise and clever Christian 6
Sille She who is blind Christian 5
Sauda Dark and beautiful Christian 5
Selah A short form of selena Christian 5
Sobeska Appropriate glory Christian 7
Sontee A strong woman Christian 6
Styliani A woman with stars in her eyes Christian 8
Suvi A summer shild from the south Christian 4
Sorcha She who is brigh and radiant as a light Christian 6
Suelita She is a little lilly flower Christian 7
Stine She is a Christianity woman Christian 5
Sulma One who is like the sting of charmness Christian 5
Sopheah She whohas the wisodom Christian 7
Stefa A woman with the crown Christian 5
Starlynn She who is the star of beauty Christian 8
Soley A girl who is like a sunshine Christian 5
Sarinna A princess ; lady Christian 7
Silvana A woman of the woods Christian 7
Swanild She acts like a battle swan Christian 7
Sandra Christian 6
Soredamors Name of Gawain's sister Christian 1
Sesila Croatian form of Cecilia Christian 6
Suette Luck or good fortune. She who is lucky. Christian 6
Sagarika Christian 8
Santhiya Christian 8
Sylvette Sylvette is a version of Sylvia Christian 8
Studena Cold or chill. Christian 7
Suzane She who is like a flower Christian 6
Solveig She who has the strenght of the Sun Christian 7
Stien She who is a good Christianity woman Christian 5
Symsa She who is flourishing Christian 5
Stefany A crowned woman Christian 7
Sobìslava A form of Sobeska Christian 1
Somerild One who is a traveler in the summer Christian 8
Syrena She is a siren Christian 6
Saloma Peace Christian 6
Sajitha Christian 7
Svìtluse Light Christian 1
Sinja Means merriment Christian 5
Surelis An individual who is responsible and truthful Christian 7
Soazig One who comes from France Christian 6
Snædís Snow goddess. Christian 1
Solveiga Strength or the sun. Christian 8
Sigourney Victorious conqueror Christian 9
Sable Sable; sleek Christian 5
Sybylla She who tells the future Christian 7
Starla A form of Star Christian 6
Sissela To be without a sight Christian 7
Sigrunn The secret victories Christian 7
Sivia One with a hart of a deer Christian 5
Sun-Hee Pleasure and goodness Christian 7
Samirra Entertaining female companion Christian 7
Sprig One who is like a spring Christian 5
Samantha Told by God;Listener;Equality Christian 8
Stratonike Victorious army. Christian 1
Sunnild She is like the Sun Christian 7
Susette One who is like lily or a rose Christian 7
Souzanna One who is noble like a lily flower Christian 8
Sabana Christian 6
Sire A victorious woman Christian 4
Silviana She is a girl of the forest Christian 8
Sissinnguaq One who resambles a squirrel Christian 1
Syuzanna She who is as graceful as a lily flower Christian 8
Sophia She who posesses great knoledge and wisdom Christian 6
Sybill A woman who is an oracle Christian 6
Synnove A girl who was the Sun's gift; To be gifted by the Sun Christian 7
Sung Successor or one on the verge of winning. Christian 4
Sisilla A woman without a sight Christian 7
Snezhana A snowy woman Christian 8
Stanilde A woman who is from the lands of stone Christian 8
Sorana One beautiful as a dawn Christian 6
Solvig A girl who is strong like the Sun Christian 6
Stellabella She is as beautiful as the most brilliant star on the sky Christian 1
Sorina A Sun-like woman Christian 6
Sempronia Eternal and everlasting. Christian 9
Stanislava A woman who achives fame Christian 1
Sollemnia One who is very religious Christian 9
Soliesse She who is like a Sun Christian 8
Stanuie One who becomes Christian 7
Sunngifu She is the gift of the Sun Christian 8
Suky She who resembles a lily Christian 4
Seelia A form of sheila Christian 6
Sallie A form of sally Christian 6
Symona She who hears everything Christian 6
Suewinda A modern American name that is made up and holds no specific... Christian 8
Sonoma A place name. One who is from the place Sonoma in California Christian 6
Skyli A woman scholar Christian 5
Seka Sister Christian 4
Shenice God is gracious and merciful Christian 7
Sassa God is beautiful Christian 5
Suzannah She looks like a rose or a lily Christian 8
Samyukta Christian 8
Salliann A combination of sally & ann Christian 8
Sommer Summer Christian 6
Sybby A woman who is like an oracle Christian 5
Sakura Resembling a cherry blossom Christian 6
Samena Secret Christian 6
Starlene A star Christian 8
Steren Cornish word meaning star. Christian 6
Siomha One who is like a good peace Christian 6
Sireda A wise advice that brought victory Christian 6
Swanhilde A girl who is like a battle swan Christian 9
Saundra A form of sandra Christian 7
Salome In Aramaic Christian 6
Sirène She who is like a mermaid Christian 1
Silvija One of the woods Christian 7
Stormie Means a Storm Christian 7
Stylanie She is a star-like woman Christian 8
Sylve She who holds the strenght of the Sun Christian 5
Stormi A form refering to a Storm Christian 6
So-Young Eternal Christian 8
Sydnee Wide meadow Christian 6
Safranka Saffron flower. Christian 8
Saara A princess ; lady Christian 5
Siofra One who is like an elf Christian 6
Sookie She who is like the lily flower Christian 6
Steffi A woman who has the crown Christian 6
Sigurrós She who is a rose of victory Christian 1
Saraii Quarrelsome Christian 6
Shimeka A beautiful princess Christian 7
Satyavani Christian 9
Summer Summer time Christian 6
Safaia The sapphire stone or the color blue Christian 6
Silka A dim-sighted woman. Short of Cecilia Christian 5
Silafi Tongan word for giraffe. Christian 6
Splendora A brilliant Christian 9
Silje A deminutive of Cecilia Christian 5
Stacee An upstandign woman Christian 6
Steffany She is a woman who wears the crown Christian 8
Syntyche The person wit sweet fragrance and is intoxicating Christian 8
Syriana A woman from Syria Christian 7
Swetyne A woman who is a sweet love Christian 7
Speranza A woman who brings hope to men Christian 8
Sola A woman who is alone Christian 4
Swantje Frisian form of Schwanhilde. It means swan. Christian 7
Sulamit Woman of great luck and fortune Christian 7
Sonji A woman of great wisdom and knowledge Christian 5
Sanitha Christian 7
Sariga Christian 6
Solvey She is as strong as the Sun Christian 6
Symone She who is listening Christian 6
Slane She has good health Christian 5
Sarahi Princess Christian 6
Sylvie A lady of the forest Christian 6
Sunnifa Sun gift Christian 7
Sarrah A princess ; lady Christian 6
Swaantje A girl who is elegant like a swan Christian 8
Stephani She who has a crown on her head Christian 8
Simonette She who is heard Christian 9
Schwanhilde Icelandic term for swan. Christian 1
Suzan A flower Christian 5
Solja A place name Christian 5
Salina One of a solemn Christian 6
Svìtla Light Christian 9
Sybil She is a prophetess Christian 5
Slania Health and wellness Christian 6
Sunshine Sunshine Christian 8
Sorinah Sorinah is a variation of Sorina and means strict or stern. Christian 7
Snita A gentle Christian 5
Sabitha Christian 7
Sigríður Iceland form of Sigrid Christian 1
Sissy A little Christian 5
Spomenka Croatian name for forget-me-not flower. Christian 8
Sorsha She is a woman who shines brightly Christian 6
Sarra A princess ; lady Christian 5
Sumona A baby girl born in the summertime Christian 6
Sovia One with great wisdom and skills Christian 5
Svana One who is like a swan in the battle Christian 5
Susi Short from Susanna Christian 4
Santhi Christian 6
Sister A word name. Means a female sibling Christian 6
Sikueli Tongan word for squirrel. Christian 7
Skylie She who is a scholar Christian 6
Sugar Woman sweet like a sugar Christian 5
Suzana Lily Christian 6
Sonnet She who is like a little song Christian 6
Samanntha One who listens well Christian 9
Sahasra Christian 7
Svìtlanka A form of Swetlana Christian 1
Sonel Lily Christian 5
Sabrina Princess Christian 7
Samarra Ruled by god Christian 7
Splanna Cornish word meaning brighter. Christian 7
Sira She who comes from Syria Christian 4
Swanhilda She who is a battle swan Christian 9
Stìpánka Crown of laurels Christian 1
Slobodanka Freedom Christian 1
Sebrina A form of sabrina Christian 7
Sybyle A woman who is a prophet Christian 6
Silver A precious metal Christian 6
Sigurbjorn A victorious soldier. Christian 1
Sampurna Christian 8
Simunka To hear Christian 7
Snjezana The snow woman. Christian 8
Sylvanna A damsel of the woods Christian 8
Sousanna A woman graceful like a lily flower Christian 8
Silja A short for Cecilia Christian 5
Stanze One who is a steadfast woman Christian 6
Sydniegh Of wide islands Christian 8
Sybyll She who predicts future Christian 6
Sini A poetic name for the color blue Christian 4
Saarah A princess ; lady Christian 6
Slavenka A Slavic woman. Christian 8
Skyrah She who is an academic Christian 6
Sisley She who can't see Christian 6
Soon-Bok Gentle and blessed Christian 8
Sydniciel To be from the wide island Christian 9
Samuela Her name is god Christian 7
Semyazza The name of a fallen Christian angel. Christian 8
Sueuilda One who has a good personality and is sociable Christian 8
Sanctity Holiness Christian 8
Soleileia An enduring and affectionate individual Christian 9
Solène She who is religious. Christian 1
Sonata A girl who is like a music Christian 6
Sunhilde She is the warrior of the Sun Christian 8
Sofia Means wisdom in Greek. A wise woman Christian 5
Sabryna A form of sabrina Christian 7
Suzaber A desirable Christian 7
Sofy She who is wise Christian 4
Sammara Ruled by god Christian 7
Sarrina A princess ; lady Christian 7
Sarea Name of an angel Christian 5
Sofija A woman full of wisdom Christian 6
Stacia A short form of anastasia Christian 6
Svala Icelandic word for Swallow Christian 5
Sydelle Princess Christian 7
Sabrinna A legendary princess Christian 8
Stefka She who has the crown Christian 6
Sence Saintly Christian 5
Swoosie A woman who is half swan Christian 7
Solvej A woman with the strenght of the Sun Christian 6
Sally A familiar form of sarah Christian 5
Savana Plateau Christian 6
Sabreena A form of sabrina Christian 8
Svanhildur A variant of Schwanhilde Christian 1
Sajra A form of Sara Christian 5
Salena Moon Christian 6
Summerr She who is like a summer Christian 7
Sofonisba The God Ba'al has sheltered her Christian 9
Suzie A little girl who looks like a rose or a lily Christian 5
Sondra Defending men Christian 6
Socorro A helpful person. One who will help Christian 7
Suzanna A rose or lily-like woman Christian 7
Sohvi A woman of wisdom Christian 5
Sissota A happy Christian 7
Suzann A girl who is like a flower rose or lily Christian 6
Sowena Success or achievement Christian 6
Siwan She who knows God's kindness Christian 5
Stasia A short form of anastasia Christian 6
Stavroula A name that means cross in Greek Christian 9
Soreena Soreena is a form Romanian name Sorina and means strict of s... Christian 7
Sammantha One who listens well Christian 9
Solita A little loner. A little girl who enjoys solitude Christian 6
Stellita A girl who is like a little star Christian 8
Swetyene She who is a sweet love Christian 8
Sabrena A form of sabrina Christian 7
Smaragda A form of Esmeralda Christian 8
Soledad Solitude Christian 7
Sun-Hi One with a good and joyful demeanor. Christian 6
Songya A person who is wise and has wisdom Christian 6
Sussan White lily Christian 6
Stanka Standing In Glory Christian 6
Sybbly One who is like an oracle Christian 6
Sinapopla A systematic Christian 9
Sybella A form of syvil Christian 7
Sorena A sternperson Christian 6
Sissel A girl who is blind Christian 6
Santhoshi Christian 9
Sarina Princess Christian 6
Sarah In Hebrew Christian 5
Sandya Christian 6
Soleste A woman who is heavenly Christian 7
Sivya One with a hart of a deer Christian 5
Simonne One who listens well Christian 7
Syani One of cheerful nature Christian 5
Sonrisa She who is full of smiles Christian 7
Sungyve One who has the power and strength; passionate Christian 7
Sagaya Christian 6
Staniue An organized and affectionate being Christian 7
Swann A swan-like person Christian 5
Sirena Chamorro word for mermaid. Christian 6
Sinead She who felt the gace of God Christian 6
Sibila Name of a Greek prophetess. It means oracle. Christian 6
Shantay Enchanted Christian 7
Stasya Strength Christian 6
Svìtluska Light Christian 1
Sylviane Wood or forest Christian 8
Saleena The moon Christian 7
Stangyth A considerate Christian 8
Stoyanka Feminine form of Stoyan. It means to stand or to stay. Christian 8
Sorella A sisterly woman Christian 7
Sopheia A woman of wisdom and knowledge Christian 7
Sukori Aid or help Christian 6
Støen Father who provides joy Christian 1
Sunhild She is the Sun's battle maiden Christian 7
Svantje Swan Christian 7
Suzanne Derived from the hebrew Soshana means lily Christian 7
Sajonara Farewell Christian 8
Sunrise A dawn Christian 7
Steffie She has the crown Christian 7
Sailaja Christian 7
Sinikka One who is like the color blue Christian 7
Solana One who is warm and bright like a sunshine Christian 6
Stangiva Non chalant Christian 8
Shawnita Blue diamond Christian 8
Sathya Christian 6
Sabra Thorny cactus; to rest Christian 5
Simona A woman who listens Christian 6
Suzette One who is like a little rose or a little lily Christian 7
Siw She who is a bride Christian 3
Stormy Impetuous by nature Christian 6
Silwa She who is of the forest Christian 5
Syesha A modern American name Christian 6
Sarriah A princess ; lady Christian 7
Soovi Soovi is a form of Sophie and means wisdom. Christian 5
Suncana Sun or sunny Christian 7
Siwa A name of the Goddess of love and fertility Christian 4
Sohnian A happy Christian 7
Stana The woman who always remains standing Christian 5
Suma Born in the summertime Christian 4
Stanguie One with good business sense and artistic abilities Christian 8
Siriol A woman of cheerful nature Christian 6
Sweting A woman who is sweet and cute Christian 7
Saasha A helper and defender of mankind Christian 6
Soo-Yun A perfect lotus flower. Christian 7
Sukie She who is like a lily rose Christian 5
Story She who likes to tell stories Christian 5
Sindhi One who is like a little cinders Christian 6
Sesilia Estonian variant of Cecily Christian 7
Sandhiya Christian 8
Starli One who is like a star Christian 6
Suuvi A southern child of the summer Christian 5
Simeona She who hears Christian 7
Stela Croatian form of Stella Christian 5
Sunna She is the Sun Christian 5
Sylvana A lady of the woods Christian 7
Silke Frisian for of Cecily. It means blind. Christian 5
Sapana Christian 6
Stephanie She who to whom the crown belongs Christian 9
Smilla One who is always smiling a beautiful smile Christian 6
Shamiram Name of the first Assyrian queen Christian 8
Scotia Dark one Christian 6
Sikota The kingfisher bird. Christian 6
Sprota An elf woman Christian 6
Sara Princess Christian 4
Syssota A person who is powerful Christian 7
Syflede A hard worker who is efficient Christian 7
Stefani Crown Christian 7
Sariah Princess Christian 6
Sidonia A woman who comes from the acient city of Sidon Christian 7
Sigrid A beautiful wisdom the victory brings Christian 6
Stojanka She who stands firmly on the ground Christian 8
Sojourner One who stays for a while Christian 9
Scarlet A form of scarlett Christian 7
Saige A form of sage Christian 5
Sylke Sylke is a form of Cecilia and means blind. Christian 5
Sueteluue Bringer of the light Christian 9
Svea A girl who is Swedish Christian 4
Stephie The crown belongs to her Christian 7
Samara Ruled by god Christian 6
Sadie Princess Christian 5
Sirmata A trusted Christian 7
Slavitsa Glory Christian 8
Sif A name of the second wife of the Norse God Thor. Means wife... Christian 3
Scarlett In English origin Christian 8
Spasenka Rescue or save Christian 8
Soo-Min Excellence and cleverness Christian 7
Sabelia Name of an ancient tribe in Italy. Christian 7
Soo-Jin Treasure Christian 7

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