Christian Baby Girl Names From 'P' With Meaning

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Best bibal christian baby girl names with meaning from A to Z letter and gift of god, princess christian girl names you can easily find names clicking the letter. Let us know about baby girl names. Hope you like these baby girl names.

Names Meaning Category Numerology
Pam Pam means 'sweetness' Christian 3
Preety Christian 6
Priscila Ancient Christian 8
Priyadharshini Christian 1
Pratyusha Christian 9
Pranitha Christian 8
Pammela A woman who is as sweet as honey Christian 7
Paislee Christian 7
Pazia Golden Christian 5
Paulla A small or humble man Christian 6
Pravallika Christian 1
Phyllicia Fortunate Christian 9
Pia Pious Christian 3
Phylicia Foliage Christian 8
Pinky Christian 5
Prameela Christian 8
Pearl Christian 5
Pravina Christian 7
Princy Christian 6
Pratiksha Christian 9
Poorvika Christian 8
Pattricia A noble- man ; patrician Christian 9
Pamella A woman who is as sweet as honey Christian 7
Picila Christian 6
Praneeta Christian 8
Pipper One who plays the flute Christian 6
Pennelope Resembling a duck ; in mythology Christian 9
Penina Jewel Christian 6
Pradheepha Christian 1
Preema Christian 6
Pixie Mischievous fairy Christian 5
Preena Christian 6
Prathibha Christian 9
Prerna Christian 6
Penelope The name has a Greek origin meaning 'A Silent Worker; Weaver'. Christian 8
Preethi Christian 7
Precilla Christian 8
Paiton Warrior's town Christian 6
Polly Polly means a "child who was wished for and received" Christian 5
Ponnu Christian 5
Primrose Primrose flower Christian 8
Patience Signifying the virtuous quality Christian 8
Pranuthi Great Praise; Celebrated Christian 8
Patriccia A noble- man ; patrician Christian 9
Phoebe In Greek Christian 6
Posy Flower Christian 4
Princess Daughter of royalty Christian 8
Peace Peaceful Christian 5
Persis Persian woman Christian 6
Praveena Christian 8
Patrricia A noble- man ; patrician Christian 9
Patty A familiar form of patricia Christian 5
Prisca Ancient Christian 6
Pinki Christian 5
Pratusha Christian 8
Pragyan Christian 7
Presha Christian 6
Prabhavathi Christian 1
Prabhavathy Christian 1
Priscilla In Latin Christian 9
Pariis Woman of the city in france Christian 6
Philberta Brilliant Christian 9
Paytton From the village of warriors Christian 7
Paloma Dove- like Christian 6
Paullina A small or humble man Christian 8
Piya Christian 4
Praseetha Christian 9
Preetha Christian 7
Philippina Lover of horses Christian 1
Pravalika Christian 9
Pippa A short form of philippa Christian 5
Payge A form of paige Christian 5
Premalatha Christian 1
Priyadarshani Christian 1
Prashanthi Christian 1
Pranathi Bow in salutation/greeting; Obeisance; Reverence Christian 8
Prasanthi Christian 9
Patriciaa A noble- man ; patrician Christian 9
Patricia Congresswoman Christian 8
Pricilla Christian 8
Porsche Pig Christian 7
Preethy Christian 7
Phoenixx A dark red color ; in mythology Christian 8
Prathyusha Christian 1
Priyadarsini Christian 1
Parimala Christian 8
Pramitha Christian 8
Pilar Pillar Christian 5
Poppy The name means of flower or from the flower Christian 5
Pollyanna A combination of polly & anna Christian 9
Prity Christian 5
Prathiba Christian 8
Payel Christian 5
Paula Small Christian 5
Prashana Christian 8
Pranita Christian 7
Prajakta Christian 8
Paige Young child Christian 5
Phoebee A bright Christian 7
Piper Pipe player Christian 5

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