Christian Baby Girl Names From 'G' With Meaning

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Best bibal christian baby girl names with meaning from A to Z letter and gift of god, princess christian girl names you can easily find names clicking the letter. Let us know about baby girl names. Hope you like these baby girl names.

Names Meaning Category Numerology
Galilea Sloping hills Christian 7
Geethu Christian 6
Giovanna God is gracious ; in the bible Christian 8
Gia Christian 3
Grace In Latin Christian 5
Ginna A well- born woman Christian 5
Gethika Christian 7
Gana Means a group of people or a troop Christian 4
Genessis Origin Christian 8
Graceanne A combination of grace & ann Christian 9
Gabriela In Hebrew Christian 8
Geetanjali Christian 1
Gali Spring Christian 4
Gloria Christian 6
Gabi From the name gabriela Christian 4
Githa Gift Christian 5
Georgia Feminine form of george Christian 7
Gillian Christian 7
Georgeanne A combination of georgia & ann Christian 1
Gracelynne A combination of grace & lynn Christian 1
Gabrielle Dedicated to god Christian 9
Gella One with golden hair genesis - origin Christian 5
Gili My joy Christian 4
Georgiana A form of georgeanna Christian 9
Gazit Hewn stone Christian 5
Glynis Christian 6
Graceann A combination of grace & ann Christian 8
Genesiss Origin Christian 8
Gemelle Twin Christian 7
Georgeann A combination of georgia & ann Christian 9
Gertrude German baby name that means spear Christian 8
Gennesis Origin Christian 8
Gidget Giddy Christian 6
Ginette A form of genevieve Christian 7
Goldine A form of golda Christian 7
Ginnifer White; smooth; soft Christian 8
Gennevieve White wave ; fair-skinned Christian 1
Georgina A form of georgia Christian 8
Geetika Christian 7
Geena A well- born woman Christian 5
Genee A well- born man Christian 5
Gitel Good Christian 5
Gardenia Botany: a sweet-melling flower Christian 8
Giza Stone Christian 4
Geetha Sacred song or poem; praised in songs Christian 6
Georgie A familiar form of georgeanne Christian 7
Geva Hill Christian 4
Gracen A short form of graceanne Christian 6
Godeleva Good life Christian 8
Gerarda Brave spearwoman Christian 7
Gaylia A form of gail Christian 6
Gracelynn A combination of grace & lynn Christian 9
Gilda Covered with gold Christian 5
Ganya Garden of the lord Christian 5
Gaille Merry Christian 6
Georgene A familiar form of georgia Christian 8
Ginny A familiar form of ginger Christian 5
Gayla A form of gail Christian 5
Gabbriel Heroine of god Christian 8
Garyn Spear carrier Christian 5
Gail Merry Christian 4
Galya God is redeemed gana - garden Christian 5
Gee Christian 3
Gaylee A foreigner / one who is cheerful Christian 6
Georgianna A form of georgeanna Christian 1
Glennda Holy goodness Christian 7
Gisselle Hostage ; pledge Christian 8
Gracie A familiar form of grace Christian 6
Gaby From the name gabrielle Christian 4
Gavrila God is my strength Christian 7
Gayna A familiar form of guinevere Christian 5
Golda Gold Christian 5
Gabbriella Heroine of god Christian 1
Gada Lucky Christian 4
Genna A form of jenna Christian 5
Giorgianna A form of georgeanna Christian 1
Gemma Christian 5
Gleda Happy Christian 5
Gracelyn A combination of grace & lynn Christian 8
Glenys Christian 6
Georgeanna A combination of georgia & anna Christian 1
Gefen Vine Christian 5
Gracee Having god Christian 6
Godeleine Good life; godly life Christian 9
Geethanjali Christian 1
Godiva God's present Christian 6
Gayora Valley of sun Christian 6
Godgifu A form of godiva Christian 7
Gabby From the name gabrielle Christian 5
Geona Glorify Christian 5
Gayle A form of gail Christian 5
Gailine A form of gail Christian 7
Goldie A familiar form of golda Christian 6
Giana God is gracious Christian 5
Gilana Joy Christian 6
Geethika Christian 8
Gelilah Rolling hills Christian 7
Gena Woman Christian 4
Girisha Christian 7
Gilen Gilen means a vow or a pledge Christian 5

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Diyu Aranya
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