Christian Baby Girl Names From 'B' With Meaning

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Best bibal christian baby girl names with meaning from A to Z letter and gift of god, princess christian girl names you can easily find names clicking the letter. Let us know about baby girl names. Hope you like these baby girl names.

Names Meaning Category Numerology
Bertina Bright; shining Christian 7
Bayley A form of bailey Christian 6
Becky Bound Christian 5
Brea Noble Christian 4
Brendaa A princess ; wielding a sword Christian 7
Birdie Bird Christian 6
Bettina Consecrated to god betty - consecrated to god Christian 7
Beyoncee One who surpasses others Christian 8
Blythe Happy or cheerful Christian 6
Bibina Christian 6
Beth House of god Christian 4
Baylie A form of bailey Christian 6
Berni A familiar form of bernadine Christian 5
Bess From the name elizabeth bessie - consecrated to god Christian 4
Bettsy Consecrated to god Christian 6
Banu Christian 4
Beaula Christian 6
Breea Strong Christian 5
Bhoomi Christian 6
Breanne Noble Christian 7
Bernice In Latin Christian 7
Bracken Fern Christian 7
Brennda A princess ; wielding a sword Christian 7
Blessy Blessing Christian 6
Bithiah In Hebrew Christian 7
Beyonce One who surpasses others Christian 7
Bharathi Christian 8
Bethanny From the house of figs Christian 8
Bev A short form of beverly Christian 3
Bethann A combination of beth & ann Christian 7
Bobbi Shortened name of Robert or Robertia Christian 5
Bonny Beautiful Christian 5
Berlynn A combination of bertha & lynn Christian 7
Bambi Little girl Christian 5
Beulah Married Christian 6
Billi A form of billie Christian 5
Bernadine Brave as a bear Christian 9
Belle Beautiful Christian 5
Breann Noble Christian 6
Belinda Variant of the name Bella that means beautiful Christian 7
Beverly Beaver field Christian 7
Biancca Used by shakespeare for characters in two of his plays Christian 7
Bliss Literally Christian 5
Bini Christian 4
Brenda Sword Christian 6
Bayleigh A form of bailey Christian 8
Baylee A form of bailey Christian 6
Bethan From the house of figs Christian 6
Beena Christian 5
Bindhu Christian 6
Bhagya Christian 6
Betty A familiar form of elizabeth Christian 5
Bella It is Christian name meaning beautiful girl Christian 5
Bethesda House of mercy Christian 8
Bhagyashree Christian 1
Bel Bethlehem Christian 3
Bayli A form of bailey Christian 5
Bellinda Pretty or very beautiful Christian 8
Bara To choose Christian 4
Bessie Christian 6
Breonna Just pretty Christian 7
Beatrix Voyager through life Christian 7
Basha Polish daughter of god Christian 5
Biannca Used by shakespeare for characters in two of his plays Christian 7
Bonnie Beautiful Christian 6
Binney A familiar form of benedicta Christian 6
Blossom Flower Christian 7
Brandi It means fiery beacon Christian 6
Bhoomika Christian 8
Beverley A form of beverly Christian 8
Baylea A form of bailey Christian 6
Breana Noble Christian 6
Bethany House of figs Christian 7
Betsy Consecrated to god Christian 5
Bree Broth Christian 4
Bincy Christian 5
Billie Strong willed protector Christian 6
Brandii A woman wielding a sword ; an alcoholic drink Christian 7
Bharti Christian 6
Breeze Light wind; carefree Christian 6
Binita Christian 6
Benita Christian 6
Bracha A blessing Christian 6
Bre A form of bree Christian 3
Brenna A raven- like woman Christian 6
Bhumika Christian 7
Becka From the name rebecca Christian 5
Berti A familiar form of gilberte Christian 5
Barbaraa A traveler from a foreign land ; a stranger Christian 8
Baleigh A form of bailey Christian 7

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