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Best bibal christian baby girl names with meaning from A to Z letter and gift of god, princess christian girl names you can easily find names clicking the letter. Let us know about baby girl names. Hope you like these baby girl names.

Names Meaning Category Numerology
Tammarra Palm tree Christian 8
Sung Successor or one on the verge of winning. Christian 4
Kathryn A form of katherine Christian 7
Haylie A form of hayley Christian 6
Alayna Rock Christian 6
Jannet God is gracious ; in the bible Christian 6
Carina Christian 6
Raquell The innocent lamb ; in the bible Christian 7
Zeta Rose. linguistics Christian 4
Raynne One who is pure / one who provides wise counsel Christian 6
Elisabeth In Hebrew Christian 9
Janey A familiar form of jane Christian 5
Tanushree Christian 9
Sisley She who can't see Christian 6
Jadda Resembling the green gemstone Christian 5
Vanity Vain Christian 6
Georgie A familiar form of georgeanne Christian 7
Achu Christian 4
Opaline Jewel Christian 7
Speranza A woman who brings hope to men Christian 8
Karmina Song Christian 7
Helenna Light Christian 7
Pranathi Bow in salutation/greeting; Obeisance; Reverence Christian 8
Gili My joy Christian 4
Kathrynn A form of katherine Christian 8
Sabra Thorny cactus; to rest Christian 5
Fellicia Fortunate or happy Christian 8
Davida From the name david Christian 6
Hadasah The myrtle tree; compassion Christian 7
Maari Wished-for child Christian 5
Bonnie Beautiful Christian 6
Madhusmita Christian 1
Janna Flourishing Christian 5
Zornitsa The first light of the day Christian 8
Eathelyn Noble waterfall Christian 8
Å pela Å pela is a variant of Elizabeth and means 'oath of God. Christian 8
Saraii Quarrelsome Christian 6
Soredamors Name of Gawain's sister Christian 1
Xylia Of the wooded land Christian 5
Larra Cheerful Christian 5
Lexi Defender of man Christian 4
Santhoshi Christian 9
Caroline Christian 8
Fate Fate Christian 4
Zuzka One who blossoms and shines brightly Christian 5
Becka From the name rebecca Christian 5
Priyadharshini Christian 1
Wendie Friend Christian 6
Kalina Rowan tree Christian 6
Nishu Christian 5
Godiva God's present Christian 6
Deeanna Divine Christian 7
Madeleine From magdala Christian 9
Edlyn Prosperous; noble Christian 5
Hali Necklace Christian 4
Sylvie A lady of the forest Christian 6
Lanee One who takes the narrow path Christian 5
Ravin A form of raven Christian 5
Sissota A happy Christian 7
Savanah Plateau Christian 7
Vineetha Christian 8
Yoninah Dove Christian 7
Wileen A short form of wilhelmina Christian 6
Deeksha Christian 7
Santhi Christian 6
Suzy A dame who is like a lily flower Christian 4
Harper In English Christian 6
Geena A well- born woman Christian 5
Sulamit Woman of great luck and fortune Christian 7
Simona A woman who listens Christian 6
Gayla A form of gail Christian 5
Syssota A person who is powerful Christian 7
Elenna The shining light ; in mythology Christian 6
Ivanna God is gracious Christian 6
Nikkitta Victourious Christian 8
Sinitalela Little one from the ashes. Christian 1
Svìtluse Light Christian 1
Carlena A form of caroline Christian 7
Syani One of cheerful nature Christian 5
Varsha Christian 6
Kaleena Rowan tree Christian 7
Nistha Christian 6
Stefani Crown Christian 7
Janessa God is gracious ; in the bible Christian 7
Laina A form of lane Christian 5
Samyukta Christian 8
Addyson A form of addison Christian 7
Eduardo A form of edwardina Christian 7
Naadia One who is full of hope Christian 6
Laurynn Crowned with laurel ; from the laurel tree Christian 7
Piya Christian 4
Renaee One who has been reborn Christian 6
Danniela God is my judge Christian 8
Carlene A form of caroline Christian 7
Mahola Dance Christian 6
Katreen A form of katherine Christian 7
Varnitha Christian 8
Farah Beautiful; pleaant Christian 5
Natalee Born at christmas Christian 7
Carynn Pure Christian 6
Danikka Morning star Christian 7
Grace In Latin Christian 5
Sun-Hi One with a good and joyful demeanor. Christian 6
Jaynee A familiar form of jayne Christian 6
Nellie A familiar form of cornelia Christian 6
Ginny A familiar form of ginger Christian 5
Halli From the hall near the meadow Christian 5
Giovanna God is gracious ; in the bible Christian 8
Maleena A form of malina Christian 7
Magdalen Of magdala Christian 8
Edith Rich gift Christian 5
Betsy Consecrated to god Christian 5
Adeline A form of adelaide Christian 7
Makalla Resembling myrtle Christian 7
Eadita One who is very diligent and amusing Christian 6
Kaliyah Christian 7
Madhulatha Christian 1
Gena Woman Christian 4
Abeetha It is a name that means gazelle Christian 7
Adamina Daughter of the earth Christian 7
Maida Maiden Christian 5
Kallee A beautiful girl Christian 6
Sajra A form of Sara Christian 5
Taana Issue Christian 5
Garyn Spear carrier Christian 5
Janice A familiar form of jane Christian 6
Rebekkah To tie Christian 8
Sybil She is a prophetess Christian 5
Addison ?In English Christian 7
Caleigh A beautiful girl Christian 7
Aana A woman graced with god Christian 4
Zipporah Little bird Christian 8
Stormi A form refering to a Storm Christian 6
Wallis From wales Christian 6
Solenne She is like a sunlight Christian 7
Syrena She is a siren Christian 6
Sille She who is blind Christian 5
Sara Princess Christian 4
Sorena A sternperson Christian 6
Vivianna Full of life Christian 8
Abrianna Mother of many nations Christian 8
Sigríður Iceland form of Sigrid Christian 1
Rebbecca Bound Christian 8
Ren Reborn Christian 3
Zhaklina Bulgarian form of Jacqueline Christian 8
Dayanara Husband slayer Christian 8
Gracelynn A combination of grace & lynn Christian 9
Nakkia Pure Christian 6
Snefrid One who loves snow Christian 7
Candiss Pure or glowing Christian 7
Cecilly One who is blind ; patron Christian 7
Nikhitha Christian 8
Natassha Refers to christ Christian 8
Maddalena From magdala Christian 9
Haylea A form of hayley Christian 6
Susette One who is like lily or a rose Christian 7
Iolanthe A form of yolanda Christian 8
Firdous The girl of the paradise land Christian 7
Sosanna She is like a Lily flower Christian 7
Tammia Twin Christian 6
Talia Dew from heaven Christian 5
Raegann Born into royalty ; the little ruler Christian 7
Smilla One who is always smiling a beautiful smile Christian 6
Earnestyna A form of ernestina Christian 1
Illiana Bright Christian 7
Faye A form of faith Christian 4
Sun-Jung Goodness and noble Christian 8
Renny One who is a conqueror; Mighty and conqueror Christian 5
Gabbriel Heroine of god Christian 8
Vismaya Christian 7
Cathrynn One who is pure ; virginal Christian 8
Danica Morning star Christian 6
Edlen Noble waterfall Christian 5
Lavinia Christian 7
Sireda A wise advice that brought victory Christian 6
Nancy God's flavour Christian 5
Ellisa A short form of elizabeth Christian 6
Elianna God has answered Christian 7
Baleigh A form of bailey Christian 7
Prameela Christian 8
Somtochukwu Praise God with me. Christian 1
Magdalene Of magdala Christian 9
Yollanda Resembling the violet flower Christian 8
Natie A familiar form of natalie Christian 5
Laurin A form of lauren Christian 6
Syndony A meadow; one who is by the riverside Christian 7
Sovia One with great wisdom and skills Christian 5
Pippa A short form of philippa Christian 5
Breea Strong Christian 5
Harriet A form of henrietta Christian 7
Belinda Variant of the name Bella that means beautiful Christian 7
Gennesis Origin Christian 8
Zambda Meditation Christian 6
Yana God is gracious Christian 4
Haritha Christian 7
Whitni A form of whitney Christian 6
Carelyn A form of caroline Christian 7
Kajol Kohl Christian 5
Abinaya Christian 7
Tattiana Fairy princess Christian 8
Ceeja A spiritual person Christian 5
Taye A short form of taylor Christian 4
Syrita She is a Sun Christian 6
Regina King's advisor Christian 6
Eadwine A form of edwina Christian 7
Sire A victorious woman Christian 4
Sarra A princess ; lady Christian 5
Signy One who brings new victories Christian 5
Carine Cheerful child of love Christian 6
Hazzel Hazelnut tree Christian 6
Carlla A free woman Christian 6
Quella Quiet Christian 6
Malina Tower Christian 6
Edwardina Prosperous quardian Christian 9
Deekshitha Christian 1
Adele A short form of adelaide Christian 5
Vindya Christian 6
Soo-Yun A perfect lotus flower. Christian 7
So-Young Eternal Christian 8
Preema Christian 6
Snjezana The snow woman. Christian 8
Kalli One who provides comfort Christian 5
Leia Child of heaven Christian 4
Selah A short form of selena Christian 5
Posy Flower Christian 4
Tannya Queen of the fairies Christian 6
Abiah In Hebrew Christian 5
Suzilah A rare version of the name Susan Christian 7
Oona One who is pure ; chaste Christian 4
Bess From the name elizabeth bessie - consecrated to god Christian 4
Jacquelynn The supplanter Christian 1
Navamitha Christian 9
Netta A plant or shrub Christian 5
Zaylee A heavenly woman Christian 6
Pazia Golden Christian 5
Cailyn Lass/ Girl Christian 6
Dayla Dayla Christian 5
Natalia Christ's birthday Christian 7
Sanctity Holiness Christian 8
Stangyth A considerate Christian 8
Saharra Lord shiva Christian 7
Carleen A form of caroline Christian 7
Prajakta Christian 8
Katia Pure Christian 5
Kathi A familiar form of katherine Christian 5
Suzonne A lady who is like a rose Christian 7
Debalina Christian 8
Zeba Christian 4
Frederica Peaceful ruler Christian 9
Tailer A form of taylor Christian 6
Verronica Displaying her true image Christian 9
Fernley From the fern meadow Christian 7
Suvi A summer shild from the south Christian 4
Zoee A life-giving woman ; alive Christian 4
Jayanthi Christian 8
Silver A precious metal Christian 6
Jannett God is gracious ; in the bible Christian 7
Sofy She who is wise Christian 4
Elena Christian 5
Sylvina A dame of the forest Christian 7
Kammi Young attendant Christian 5
Semyazza The name of a fallen Christian angel. Christian 8
Xoana Most graceful God Christian 5
Zuna One who has great wealth; blessed being Christian 4
Bayli A form of bailey Christian 5
Landyn A form of landon Christian 6
Dawn Sunrise or dawn Christian 4
Geetika Christian 7
Mae A form of may Christian 3
Abigail In Hebrew Christian 7
Odette Wealth Christian 6
Sixtine Sixth Christian 7
Sapana Christian 6
Mairwen Blessed mair Christian 7
Eathelin Noble waterfall Christian 8
Daania Woman from denmark Christian 6
Saarah A princess ; lady Christian 6
Danah A form of dana Christian 5
Haeley A form of hayley Christian 6
Niresha Christian 7
Tamiika People Christian 7
Gertrude German baby name that means spear Christian 8
Pamella A woman who is as sweet as honey Christian 7
Suzannah She looks like a rose or a lily Christian 8
Agatha Good Christian 6
Querly A simple person Christian 6
Yarkona Green Christian 7
Alannah Rock Christian 7
Princy Christian 6
Mabel Latin name that means 'adorable' Christian 5
Zaneta God's gracious gift Christian 6
Silja A short for Cecilia Christian 5
Racquell The innocent lamb ; in the bible Christian 8
Wynter A form of winter Christian 6
Zehava Golden Christian 6
Ellie Short form of eleanor Christian 5
Kallyn Laurel Christian 6
Carla Strong Christian 5
Zaharinka A variant of Zaharina Christian 9
Sallie A form of sally Christian 6
Jannie A familiar form of jan Christian 6
Preena Christian 6
Stephany The crown is hers Christian 8
Sorinah Sorinah is a variation of Sorina and means strict or stern. Christian 7
Stylanie She is a star-like woman Christian 8
Mairi Uncertain Christian 5
Elizebeth Christian 9
Tacey A familiar form of tacia Christian 5
Dalia A branch Christian 5
Hattie A familiar form of harriet Christian 6
Scarlett In English origin Christian 8
Isobell Variation: isabel Christian 7
Zenobia Child of zeus sinobia Christian 7
Raina A queenly woman Christian 5
Kathy A familiar form of katherine Christian 5
Wilda Willow Christian 5
Tabatha Gazelle Christian 7
Cadie A form of kady Christian 5
Sueteluue Bringer of the light Christian 9
Jassmine Resembling the climbing plant with fragrant flowers Christian 8
Spring Springtime Christian 6
Suewinda A modern American name that is made up and holds no specific... Christian 8
Sonora Loud Christian 6
Sissy A little Christian 5
Davonna A form of davina Christian 7
Phyllicia Fortunate Christian 9
Henrietta Ruler of the household Christian 9
Carmina Melody or Song Christian 7
Ursula Little bear Christian 6
Dawna A form of dawn Christian 5
Soreana Strict and stern. Christian 7
Sarrah A princess ; lady Christian 6
Kandice Fire-white Christian 7
Vivianne Alive Christian 8
Naomii Beautiful Christian 6
Hitha Christian 5
Debbra Resembling a bee ; in the bible Christian 6
Sorella A sisterly woman Christian 7
Odera Plough ofira - gold Christian 5
Swoosie A woman who is half swan Christian 7
Magen Shield Christian 5
Stefania She who wears the crown Christian 8
Sopheia A woman of wisdom and knowledge Christian 7
Elberta A form of alberta Christian 7
Caryss One who loves and is loved Christian 6
Oksana Hospitality Christian 6
Rashi Christian 5
Ulyssia Walker Christian 7
Maegann Resembling a pearl / the child of light Christian 7
Ydel Praise Christian 4
Whoopi Happy; excited Christian 6
Dayana The judge Christian 6
Farren Wanderer Christian 6
Sonicky A clever minded and thoughtful individual Christian 7
Paulla A small or humble man Christian 6
Deboraah Resembling a bee ; in the bible Christian 8
Freya Woman Christian 5
Edwina Prosperous friend Christian 6
Yolande Violet Christian 7
Eldrida Wise counselor Christian 7
Shantay Enchanted Christian 7
Golda Gold Christian 5
Tamitha Twin Christian 7
Adyson A form of addison Christian 6
Karryn Pure Christian 6
Winnie A familiar form of edwina Christian 6
Dawnn Born at day- break ; of the day Christian 5
Layla A variation of an Arabic word Leila Christian 5
Katrinna Pure Christian 8
Zanaa White lily Christian 5
Rincy Christian 5
Prathiba Christian 8
Tamiia Twin Christian 6
Saraa A princess ; lady Christian 5
Janinne A funny Christian 7
Sabreen A short form of sabreena Christian 7
Sobìslava A form of Sobeska Christian 1
Preetha Christian 7
Jaade Resembling the green gemstone Christian 5
Svantje Swan Christian 7
Adelle A form of adelaide Christian 6
Sweting A woman who is sweet and cute Christian 7
Jamie A form of james Christian 5
Lessly From the holly garden ; of the gray fortress Christian 6
Bettsy Consecrated to god Christian 6
Tameeka Twin Christian 7
Jayasri Christian 7
Madysen A form of madison Christian 7
Raizel Rose Christian 6
Sunniva Sun gift Christian 7
Nan A form of ann Christian 3
Niha Christian 4
Jasee Fearless Christian 5
Naysa Miracle of god Christian 5
Sigrun To achieve secret victories Christian 6
Ursulla Little female bear Christian 7
Sabrina Princess Christian 7
Carolyn A form of caroline Christian 7
Catrina Pure Christian 7
Yasmina Jasmine Christian 7
Sotiria She who brings salvation to people Christian 7
Alanii As the orange tree Christian 6
Acacia The wood of the acacia tree was used to build the tabernacle Christian 6
Janise A form of janice Christian 6
Sybill A woman who is an oracle Christian 6
Farrah Beautiful; pleaant Christian 6
Dani My judge Christian 4
Reji Christian 4
Veronnica Displaying her true image Christian 9
Egbertyne A form of egberta Christian 9
Cecily Blind Christian 6
Alainna Attractive Christian 7
Sadie Princess Christian 5
Sioned She who felt the kindness of the God Christian 6
Airiana A form of ariana Christian 7
Benita Christian 6
Olyvia Elf army Christian 6
Sailaja Christian 7
Veda Christian 4
Sajonara Farewell Christian 8
Sirena Chamorro word for mermaid. Christian 6
Adalyn Of the nobility ; serene ; of good humor Christian 6
Sang-Hee Benevolence and pleasure Christian 8
Ishwariya Christian 9
Debra From the name deborah delilah - delicate Christian 5
Raynee One who is pure / one who provides wise counsel Christian 6
Maddyson Daughter of a mighty warrior Christian 8
Sahasra Christian 7
Ifeya Ifeya means love or lovable Christian 5
Janet A form of jane Christian 5
Elizaveta A form of elizabeth Christian 9
Suzann A girl who is like a flower rose or lily Christian 6
Natalie It's the French version of the Russian name Natalia Christian 7
Cataleya Christian 8
Ridhima Christian 7
Pia Pious Christian 3
Socorro A helpful person. One who will help Christian 7
Sikota The kingfisher bird. Christian 6
Jazlynn Fragrant flower Christian 7
Salliann A combination of sally & ann Christian 8
Bambi Little girl Christian 5
Elethia Healer Christian 7
Zila Shadow zilpha - stately; noble Christian 4
Ximena Listening Christian 6
Nethra Christian 6
Bithiah In Hebrew Christian 7
Letticia Joyful happy or glad Christian 8
Calleigh A beautiful girl Christian 8
Baylee A form of bailey Christian 6
Tattianna Fairy princess Christian 9
Odella Wood hill Christian 6
Hadassah Myrtle tree Christian 8
Kareena Pure Christian 7
Ravina Christian 6
Praneeta Christian 8
Rayven A form of raven Christian 6
Deanndra Strong and womanly Christian 8
Sarinna A princess ; lady Christian 7
Leanndra Like a lioness the female version of leander also see leona Christian 8
Zaharina The name is the Bulgarian feminine form of Zechariah Christian 8
Madhumitha Christian 1
Maleeah Bitter Christian 7
Sikueli Tongan word for squirrel. Christian 7
Pravallika Christian 1
Tassie A familiar form of tasmin Christian 6
Hailee A form of hayley Christian 6
Laureanne A short form of laurianna Christian 9
Silafi Tongan word for giraffe. Christian 6
Sym A woman who is like a symphony Christian 3
Quintina Fifth Christian 8
Talisha A form of talisa Christian 7
Preethi Christian 7
Gaby From the name gabrielle Christian 4
Janett God is gracious ; in the bible Christian 6
Carlie A form of carly Christian 6
Jamiee He who supplants Christian 6
Kandahl A form of kendall Christian 7
Tamara Palm tree Christian 6
Tallia Morning dew from heaven / blooming Christian 6
Payge A form of paige Christian 5
Jaimilynn A combination of jaime & lynn Christian 9
Viveka Christian 6
Xenia Welcoming Christian 5
Odelia Little wealthy one Christian 6
Sunngifu She is the gift of the Sun Christian 8
Blythe Happy or cheerful Christian 6
Elina Woman with intelligence Christian 5
Geethu Christian 6
Rhianna Nymph Christian 7
Odeda Strong Christian 5

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