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Best bibal christian baby girl names with meaning from A to Z letter and gift of god, princess christian girl names you can easily find names clicking the letter. Let us know about baby girl names. Hope you like these baby girl names.

Names Meaning Category Numerology
Jasmyne Jasmine Christian 7
Laynee One who takes the narrow path Christian 6
Sugar Woman sweet like a sugar Christian 5
Queen-Queenie One who is queen for the loved ones Christian 1
Yoshitha Christian 8
Rainna A queenly woman Christian 6
Bliss Literally Christian 5
Stela Croatian form of Stella Christian 5
Karina Christian 6
Magdalena Of magdala Christian 9
Adalia Just Christian 6
Oona One who is pure ; chaste Christian 4
Katelinn Pure Christian 8
Deeanna Divine Christian 7
Yaasmeen Resembling the jasmine flower Christian 8
Sucga A topographic name for a tree stump Christian 5
Karmina Song Christian 7
Sari Princess Christian 4
Sonrisa She who is full of smiles Christian 7
Sarlota Croatian variant of Caroline Christian 7
Jacklynn Supplanter Christian 8
Malinda Blend of melissa and linda Christian 7
Sanitha Christian 7
Mairi Uncertain Christian 5
Taraann Of the thunder Christian 7
Zahar Morning light Christian 5
Natania Gift of god nathania - gift of the lord Christian 7
Vera Truth veronica - genuine image Christian 4
Frances Free Christian 7
Slavenka A Slavic woman. Christian 8
Stina She is a good Christianity Christian 5
Lakeeshia Joyful or happy Christian 9
Maida Maiden Christian 5
Odette Wealth Christian 6
Summerr She who is like a summer Christian 7
Rainbow Rainbow Christian 7
Pearl Christian 5
Darleen It means darling Christian 7
Goldie A familiar form of golda Christian 6
Udele Prosperous Christian 5
Bini Christian 4
Tasmin A short form of thomasina Christian 6
Willette A familiar form of wilhelmina Christian 8
Hailey A form of haile Christian 6
Ebonii A dark beauty Christian 6
Sprota An elf woman Christian 6
Jacqulin Female French form of the name Jacob Christian 8
Nimitha Christian 7
Viviane Alive Christian 7
Janna Flourishing Christian 5
Daja Already Christian 4
Sorcha She who is brigh and radiant as a light Christian 6
Golda Gold Christian 5
Stephany The crown is hers Christian 8
Niccole Of the victorious people Christian 7
Bhagyashree Christian 1
Tattianna Fairy princess Christian 9
Yadira Friend Christian 6
Eanflaed One who is a compassionate being Christian 8
Skylie She who is a scholar Christian 6
Stien She who is a good Christianity woman Christian 5
Zevida Gift Christian 6
Sangeetha Melodious music Christian 9
Story She who likes to tell stories Christian 5
Taniya Christian 6
Nandhitha Christian 9
Sinikka One who is like the color blue Christian 7
Fabeena Religious person Christian 7
Silafi Tongan word for giraffe. Christian 6
Addrianna Dark Christian 9
Freedah A peaceful Christian 7
Raizel Rose Christian 6
Hitha Christian 5
Snita A gentle Christian 5
Xinavane One who is blessed abundantly Christian 8
Madellyn Woman from magdala Christian 8
Haddie Ruler of the home Christian 6
Darra Angel of rains and rivers Christian 5
Maddie A familiar form of madeline Christian 6
Madelaine From magdala Christian 9
Preena Christian 6
Madeleine From magdala Christian 9
Hadara Bedecked in beauty Christian 6
Gemelle Twin Christian 7
Genessis Origin Christian 8
Carolin A lady of strong character Christian 7
Bharti Christian 6
Carine Cheerful child of love Christian 6
Xene One who is a newcomer Christian 4
Owena A high- born woman Christian 5
Susanne Lily Christian 7
Zahavah Golden Christian 7
Giza Stone Christian 4
Genesiss Origin Christian 8
Sarai Quarrelsome Christian 5
Zoja The name is a variant form of name Zoe Christian 4
Stephani She who has a crown on her head Christian 8
Phylicia Foliage Christian 8
Akshatha Christian 8
Sauda Dark and beautiful Christian 5
Sydneigh She is from a very wide island Christian 8
Macii One who wields a weapon Christian 5
Cariline Feminine Strength Christian 8
Ysabell My god is bountiful ; god Christian 7
Ellina The shining light ; in mythology Christian 6
Gayla A form of gail Christian 5
Jane A femininie form of john Christian 4
Zanna A short form of susanna Christian 5
Malise Servant of jesus Christian 6
Jayne A form of jane Christian 5
Candace In Cushitic Christian 7
Reinna A queen Christian 6
Stacee An upstandign woman Christian 6
Philippina Lover of horses Christian 1
Talor Morning dew Christian 5
Somerild One who is a traveler in the summer Christian 8
Katelin Pure Christian 7
Seleena Of the moon Christian 7
Tanner Leather worker; tanner Christian 6
Philberta Brilliant Christian 9
Rebecal Tied; bound Christian 7
Gleda Happy Christian 5
Fern Fern Christian 4
Ifejesukristi One who shines under Jesus Love Christian 1
Jacqueline Supplanter Christian 1
Cashielda A safe place to stay Christian 9
Inika Small earth Christian 5
Katrine A form of katherine Christian 7
Adelina A form of adeline Christian 7
Preety Christian 6
Carla Strong Christian 5
Debby From the name deborah Christian 5
Yasmiin Resembling the jasmine flower Christian 7
Yarelli The lord is my light Christian 7
Sunhild She is the Sun's battle maiden Christian 7
Willow 'Graceful' Christian 6
Issabel My god is bountiful ; god Christian 7
Janie A familiar form of jane Christian 5
Siofra One who is like an elf Christian 6
Harleen A form of harley Christian 7
Fate Fate Christian 4
Laurie A familiar form of laura Christian 6
Geethanjali Christian 1
Pariis Woman of the city in france Christian 6
Faith Faith; confidence; belief Christian 5
Tabby A familiar form of tabitha Christian 5
Pratusha Christian 8
Bhumika Christian 7
Eleora The lord is my light Christian 6
Carolyn A form of caroline Christian 7
Elliann A spirited man Christian 7
Freedom Freedom Christian 7
Sarrina A princess ; lady Christian 7
Yasmina Jasmine Christian 7
Hazel Hazelnut tree Christian 5
Beverley A form of beverly Christian 8
Sabitha Christian 7
Sikudhani A pleasant surprise Christian 9
Fleurdelice Lily flower Christian 1
Kalla A princess ; lady Christian 5
Carollynn Joyous song ; a small Christian 9
Maddelynn Woman from magdala Christian 9
Georgeann A combination of georgia & ann Christian 9
Gracelyn A combination of grace & lynn Christian 8
Dampy Christian 5
Madalena From magdala Christian 8
Bhoomika Christian 8
Levyna Twinkle Christian 6
Debbra Resembling a bee ; in the bible Christian 6
Kaleen Crowned wih laurel Christian 6
Ginnifer White; smooth; soft Christian 8
Stasia A short form of anastasia Christian 6
Soo-Yun A perfect lotus flower. Christian 7
Verna Latin baby name that means 'born in the spring' Christian 5
Pradheepha Christian 1
Jael In Hebrew Christian 4
Kalleigh A beautiful girl Christian 8
Berni A familiar form of bernadine Christian 5
Hedva Joy Christian 5
Sylvia Lumber Christian 6
Jasmyn Jasmine Christian 6
Jaen Ostrich Christian 4
Mahola Dance Christian 6
Feba Christian 4
Victoria The royal name of Latin origin means 'victory'. Christian 8
Oralia Golden; light Christian 6
Tameeka Twin Christian 7
Jaquelin Supplanter Christian 8
Schwanhilde Icelandic term for swan. Christian 1
Symona She who hears everything Christian 6
Natalya Christ's birthday Christian 7
Simona A woman who listens Christian 6
Tassie A familiar form of tasmin Christian 6
Zia To tremble Christian 3
Zaharinka A variant of Zaharina Christian 9
Fleta Swift Christian 5
Sanctity Holiness Christian 8
Veselka One is cheerful and full of life. Christian 7
Karalynn A combination of kara & lynn Christian 8
Reanna An alternate form of raine Christian 6
Camila In Latin it means '"young ceremonial attendant". The name also has Arabic origin meaning 'Perfect Christian 6
Heather Signifies a flower associated with scotland Christian 7
Pixie Mischievous fairy Christian 5
Sissota A happy Christian 7
Ifesowapo Person who is made out of love Christian 9
Pazia Golden Christian 5
Harlee A form of harley Christian 6
Oreen From the pine tree / a pale-skinned man Christian 5
Adele A short form of adelaide Christian 5
Vivian-Vivianne One who defines the universe Christian 1
Inmaculada Immaculate; conception of virgin mary Christian 1
Vinothini Christian 9
Yamin Right hand yana - he answers Christian 5
Issabela My god is bountiful ; god Christian 8
Addalynn Of the nobility ; serene ; of good humor Christian 8
Janiece A form of janice Christian 7
Slavica She who brings glory Christian 7
Stormi A form refering to a Storm Christian 6
Laureen Crowned with laurel ; from the laurel tree Christian 7
Socorro A helpful person. One who will help Christian 7
Gaby From the name gabrielle Christian 4
Jasminn Fragrant flower Christian 7
Syndal She is one with the woods Christian 6
Staciannie A beautiful and upstanding woman Christian 1
Dariann A gift Christian 7
Hephzibah My delight is in she Christian 9
Sylvette Sylvette is a version of Sylvia Christian 8
Suzaber A desirable Christian 7
Cayenne A hot spice Christian 7
Harleyann A combination of harley & ann Christian 9
Suzonne A lady who is like a rose Christian 7
Ximenna A heroine Christian 7
Fernley From the fern meadow Christian 7
Silvi A woman from the woods Christian 5
Laboni Graceful Christian 6
Ellaine The shining light ; in mythology Christian 7
Idalina A combination of ida & lina Christian 7
Raphaella Healed by god rayna - pure Christian 9
Natallia Refers to christ Christian 8
Mahita Christian 6
Kalina Rowan tree Christian 6
Halsey Hall's island Christian 6
Natallie Refers to christ Christian 8
Jadda Resembling the green gemstone Christian 5
Maarka It means steady rain Christian 6
Darlenne Our little darling Christian 8
Wednesday Born on a wednesday Christian 9
Seena Christian 5
Jacquelline Supplanter Christian 1
Eadda Wealthy; successful Christian 5
Oksana Hospitality Christian 6
Madelyn A form of madeline Christian 7
Mahala Woman; tenderness Christian 6
Edeline Noble; kind Christian 7
Karrin Pure Christian 6
Daysi A form of daisy Christian 5
Sweting A woman who is sweet and cute Christian 7
Adeline A form of adelaide Christian 7
Caryss One who loves and is loved Christian 6
Primrose Primrose flower Christian 8
Stefana Crown Christian 7
Vandna Christian 6
Rebbecca Bound Christian 8
Reena Peace ; joyous song rimona - pomegranate Christian 5
Fairlee From a yellow meadow Christian 7
Silja A short for Cecilia Christian 5
Siiri A deminutive of Sigrid Christian 5
Racquell The innocent lamb ; in the bible Christian 8
Hanma One who is favoured by god Christian 5
Jamia A form of jami Christian 5
Elissabeth My god is bountiful ; god Christian 1
Catrina Pure Christian 7
Carys One who loves and is loved Christian 5
Rasmita Christian 7
Carina Christian 6
Freddi A familiar form of frederica Christian 6
Tammie A form of tammy Christian 6
Bernice In Latin Christian 7
Imogen Maiden Christian 6
Abiya Hebrew form of Abijah meaning "Yahweh is my father" Christian 5
Immogene Variation: imogen Christian 8
Zelsana Blessed with success Christian 7
Slavka She who achieved greatness Christian 6
Dawn Sunrise or dawn Christian 4
Payel Christian 5
Addriana Dark Christian 8
Nayely I love you Christian 6
Calee One who is manly and strong / a free man Christian 5
Hima Christian 4
Idunn She who is lovable Christian 5
Latoyya Praised woman Christian 7
Sikueli Tongan word for squirrel. Christian 7
Sylke Sylke is a form of Cecilia and means blind. Christian 5
Hanna Graceful person Christian 5
Navita Christian 6
Zeena Hospitable Christian 5
Windy Windy Christian 5
Latassha Birthday Christian 8
Gaylee A foreigner / one who is cheerful Christian 6
Gracie A familiar form of grace Christian 6
Felcin Christian 6
Snæbjörn Snow bear Christian 1
Sabana Christian 6
Rema Christian 4
Snædís She who is a goddess of Snow Christian 1
Holley A form of holly Christian 6
Ladonna Lady Christian 7
Edwina Prosperous friend Christian 6
Leeanna A form of liana Christian 7
Yakira Precious Christian 6
Slatka Sweet or sweetly flavored. Christian 6
Farah Beautiful; pleaant Christian 5
Rhianna Nymph Christian 7
Stasya Strength Christian 6
Whitni A form of whitney Christian 6
Venus Venus was the Goddess of love and sensuality Christian 5
Elisabeth In Hebrew Christian 9
Rainelle A combination of raina & elle Christian 8
Samirra Entertaining female companion Christian 7
Deelilah The beautiful temptress (the lover of samson in the bible) Christian 8
Damaris Calf Christian 7
Zina Hospitable Christian 4
Suzannah She looks like a rose or a lily Christian 8
Tarynn High hill Christian 6
Jaanna God is gracious ; in the bible Christian 6
Symsa She who is flourishing Christian 5
Madonna My lady Christian 7
Latha Christian 5
Stephaine Crown Christian 9
Janise A form of janice Christian 6
Silvana A woman of the woods Christian 7
Svìtluska Light Christian 1
Holli A form of holly Christian 5
Oceana Ocean Christian 6
Elenna The shining light ; in mythology Christian 6
Salato Tree Christian 6
Kalanit Flower name Christian 7
Olla One who is precious/ giver of life ; well- being / a relic of one?s ancestors Christian 4
Raegann Born into royalty ; the little ruler Christian 7
Jannet God is gracious ; in the bible Christian 6
Carlene A form of caroline Christian 7
Hemalatha Christian 9
Nathalia Birthday of christ Christian 8
Kammi Young attendant Christian 5
Skyla The sky Christian 5
Varina Thorn Christian 6
Pravalika Christian 9
Maisie Resembling a pearl / the child of light Christian 6
Sukori Aid or help Christian 6
Tamiia Twin Christian 6
Talia Dew from heaven Christian 5
Wileen A short form of wilhelmina Christian 6
Ellianna A shining and gracious woman Christian 8
Sylvina A dame of the forest Christian 7
Banu Christian 4
Hadasah The myrtle tree; compassion Christian 7
Soleileia An enduring and affectionate individual Christian 9
Penina Jewel Christian 6
Wanetta Pale face Christian 7
Solvey She is as strong as the Sun Christian 6
Edith Rich gift Christian 5
Solveiga Strength or the sun. Christian 8
Hepsiba Christian 7
Bobbi Shortened name of Robert or Robertia Christian 5
Issis Goddess of the underworld Christian 5
Shooshan Assyrian form of Susan. It means lily. Christian 8
Edmunda Prosperous protector Christian 7
Surelis An individual who is responsible and truthful Christian 7
Beverly Beaver field Christian 7
Stangiva Non chalant Christian 8
Makaylla Who is like god? Christian 8
Madhulatha Christian 1
Sunnild She is like the Sun Christian 7
Ishika Christian 6
Raquell The innocent lamb ; in the bible Christian 7
Soazig One who comes from France Christian 6
Zhaklina Bulgarian form of Jacqueline Christian 8
Wasila Healtly Christian 6
Sistine A name of the Vatican chapel with Michelangelo's frescoed ce... Christian 7
Indianna From the land of the indians ; from the state of indiana Christian 8
Daania Woman from denmark Christian 6
Aarthi Christian 6
Støen Father who provides joy Christian 1
Dalena A form of dale Christian 6
Nishitha Christian 8
Fionna One who is fair ; a white-shouldered woman Christian 6
Cataleya Christian 8
Swonild A responsible and clever minded person Christian 7
Zelene Sunshine Christian 6
Wenda Signifies fair. Christian 5
Carlla A free woman Christian 6
Breann Noble Christian 6
Hattie A familiar form of harriet Christian 6
Swanilda A girl who is a battle swan Christian 8
Pammela A woman who is as sweet as honey Christian 7
Hailie A form of hayley Christian 6
Navyasri Christian 8
Rennae One who has been reborn Christian 6
Sile She who is full of youth Christian 4
Sidonia A woman who comes from the acient city of Sidon Christian 7
Stonilda A stony woman Christian 8
Paulla A small or humble man Christian 6
Sofieke One who is wise Christian 7
Janey A familiar form of jane Christian 5
Jayasri Christian 7
Somoche A distinguished woman. Christian 7
Samiira Entertaining female companion Christian 7
Sylvana A lady of the woods Christian 7
Lemuela Dedicated to god Christian 7
Pravallika Christian 1
Maddisyn Daughter of a mighty warrior Christian 8
Solveig She who has the strenght of the Sun Christian 7
Tamsin A short form of thomasina Christian 6
Caleigh A beautiful girl Christian 7
Tammika People Christian 7
Carlie A form of carly Christian 6
Stefani Crown Christian 7
Leeona Lion Christian 6
Patty A familiar form of patricia Christian 5
Dani My judge Christian 4
Jacquelinne Supplanter Christian 1
Naadia One who is full of hope Christian 6
Rishona First Christian 7
Ornella It means Christian 7
Flossie A familiar form of florence Christian 7
Gayle A form of gail Christian 5
Silver A precious metal Christian 6
Reji Christian 4
Davida From the name david Christian 6
Faren Wanderer Christian 5
Pranathi Bow in salutation/greeting; Obeisance; Reverence Christian 8
Levita Twinkle Christian 6
Gilana Joy Christian 6
Accacia The wood of the acacia tree was used to build the tabernacle Christian 7
Harmony Christian 7
Solène She who is religious. Christian 1
Gaille Merry Christian 6
Maggi A form of maggie Christian 5
Kati Pure Christian 4
Bettsy Consecrated to god Christian 6
Orianna Born at sunrise Christian 7
Firdous The girl of the paradise land Christian 7
Izabella My god is a vow Christian 8
Solita A little loner. A little girl who enjoys solitude Christian 6
Maddisson Daughter of a mighty warrior Christian 9
Darla A short form of darlene Christian 5
Laurenn Crowned with laurel ; from the laurel tree Christian 7
Swetiue She who is sweet Christian 7
Tammarra Palm tree Christian 8
Vindhya Christian 7
Elliana God has answered me Christian 7
Opaline Jewel Christian 7
Githa Gift Christian 5
Gefen Vine Christian 5
Iscah In Hebrew Christian 5
Vulpine Like a fox Christian 7
Sunnie She is the Sun's gift Christian 6
Adelee Of the nobility ; serene ; of good humor Christian 6
Ollive Olive branch ; symbol of peace Christian 6
Wenndy One who is fair ; of the white ring Christian 6
Sylvonna A dame of the woods Christian 8
Bettina Consecrated to god betty - consecrated to god Christian 7
Larissa It means a haven or a refuge Christian 7
Kalii One who provides comfort Christian 5
Leester Fortified place Christian 7
Jaynee A familiar form of jayne Christian 6
Renny One who is a conqueror; Mighty and conqueror Christian 5
Snefrid One who loves snow Christian 7
Nattaly Refers to christ Christian 7
Kailla A stylish man Christian 6
Taite Cheerful Christian 5
Leighanna A form of liana Christian 9
Heidy Noble type Christian 5
Jaynie A familiar form of jayne Christian 6
Suky She who resembles a lily Christian 4
Jannie A familiar form of jan Christian 6
Lauriane A short form of laurianna Christian 8
Cecillia One who is blind ; patron saint of music Christian 8
Yesennia Flower Christian 8
Maiya Uncertain Christian 5
Deekshana Christian 9
Zabeth One who is pledged to God. Christian 6
Aiyanna Eternal blossom Christian 7
Irmigard The war that is guided by the Gods Christian 8
Jasmynne Fragrant flower Christian 8
Swanhilde A girl who is like a battle swan Christian 9
Stephania A woman who is crowned Christian 9
Sariah Princess Christian 6
Vinitha Christian 7
Galilea Sloping hills Christian 7
Gabby From the name gabrielle Christian 5
Elleanor The shining light ; in mythology Christian 8
Salena Moon Christian 6
Hitee Love and care Christian 5
Sikota The kingfisher bird. Christian 6
Jayanthi Christian 8
Sofy She who is wise Christian 4
Nimisha Christian 7
Carmen Song catherine - pure Christian 6
Sissel A girl who is blind Christian 6

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