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Best bibal christian baby girl names with meaning from A to Z letter and gift of god, princess christian girl names you can easily find names clicking the letter. Let us know about baby girl names. Hope you like these baby girl names.

Names Meaning Category Numerology
Carleen A form of caroline Christian 7
Socorro A helpful person. One who will help Christian 7
Steffany She is a woman who wears the crown Christian 8
Janaee God is gracious ; in the bible Christian 6
Wynona Eldest daughter Christian 6
Hosannah Deliver us Christian 8
Magda High tower one who is elevated Christian 5
Halleigh From the hall near the meadow Christian 8
Simunka To hear Christian 7
Haili A form of hayley Christian 5
Maddie A familiar form of madeline Christian 6
Katerina Pure Christian 8
Ilde Battle Christian 4
Baleigh A form of bailey Christian 7
Deborah A bee Christian 7
Raquell The innocent lamb ; in the bible Christian 7
Oprah Runaway oralee - lord is my light Christian 5
Edina Prosperous fort Christian 5
Orianna Born at sunrise Christian 7
Hana Happiness Christian 4
Leeona Lion Christian 6
Zelsana Blessed with success Christian 7
Brendaa A princess ; wielding a sword Christian 7
Hellena Light Christian 7
Yaretzi You will always Christian 7
Bessie Christian 6
Felberta Brilliant Christian 8
Semyazza The name of a fallen Christian angel. Christian 8
Katriel God is my crown Christian 7
Gracelynn A combination of grace & lynn Christian 9
Patricia Congresswoman Christian 8
Ihrin The person who maintains peace Christian 5
Saraa A princess ; lady Christian 5
Laureanne A short form of laurianna Christian 9
Dawn Sunrise or dawn Christian 4
Preetha Christian 7
Darria Processing good fortune ; wealthy Christian 6
Persis Persian woman Christian 6
Sveta One who shines with the divine light Christian 5
Beulah Married Christian 6
Neria Lamp of god Christian 5
Kallyn Laurel Christian 6
Quenna A form of queen Christian 6
Seelia A form of sheila Christian 6
Jackline It is a variant of Jacqueline meaning May God protect Christian 8
Deann From the valley ; a church official Christian 5
Quianna Living with grace ; heavenly Christian 7
Geethika Christian 8
Ellie Short form of eleanor Christian 5
Idunn She who is lovable Christian 5
Suzannah She looks like a rose or a lily Christian 8
Debora Name of a prophetess in the Bible Christian 6
Jadyn God has heard Christian 5
Tamera Palm tree Christian 6
Adyson A form of addison Christian 6
Stephani She who has a crown on her head Christian 8
Francessca Free Christian 1
Aderes One who protects Christian 6
Prathiba Christian 8
Suncana Sun or sunny Christian 7
Saasha A helper and defender of mankind Christian 6
Stephie The crown belongs to her Christian 7
Maciee One who wields a weapon Christian 6
Tatianna Fairy princess Christian 8
Somtochukwu Praise God with me. Christian 1
Daania Woman from denmark Christian 6
Surelis An individual who is responsible and truthful Christian 7
Swanilda A girl who is a battle swan Christian 8
Souzan She has the grace of a lily flower Christian 6
Patience Signifying the virtuous quality Christian 8
Mada A form of madaline Christian 4
Svìtluse Light Christian 1
Breann Noble Christian 6
Karrin Pure Christian 6
Suzanna A rose or lily-like woman Christian 7
Vivi Life is a short form of all the vivian and viveca Christian 4
Aaria A beautiful melody Christian 5
Hertha Child of the earth Christian 6
Hayliee From the field of hay Christian 7
Stellita A girl who is like a little star Christian 8
Cecilia Christian 7
Natanya Christian 7
Bindhu Christian 6
Syntyche The person wit sweet fragrance and is intoxicating Christian 8
Rainelle A combination of raina & elle Christian 8
Verronica Displaying her true image Christian 9
Kariss Filled wih grace and kindess ; very dear Christian 6
Soo-Jin Treasure Christian 7
Tandy Team Christian 5
Sybylla She who tells the future Christian 7
Jany A familiar form of jane Christian 4
Hitha Christian 5
Osma Divine protector Christian 4
Hanna Graceful person Christian 5
Leeza A form of lisa Christian 5
Zena Life and zeus Christian 4
Yessica Wealthy Christian 7
Binney A familiar form of benedicta Christian 6
Reenu Christian 5
Gili My joy Christian 4
Taylore A form of taylor Christian 7
Bayli A form of bailey Christian 5
Maddysen Daughter of a mighty warrior Christian 8
Elena Christian 5
Raynna One who is pure / one who provides wise counsel Christian 6
Yachne Gracious Christian 6
Caoimhe Gentleness ; beauty Christian 7
Valerie Christian 7
Pramitha Christian 8
Whitni A form of whitney Christian 6
Xiomara Uncertain Christian 7
Prisca Ancient Christian 6
Ibidun One whose birth has brought happiness Christian 6
Sysley A woman who has no sight Christian 6
Neviah Forcaster nina - girl; grace Christian 6
Flieur Flieur means a beautiful flower Christian 6
Story She who likes to tell stories Christian 5
Daisy The days eye Christian 5
Ginnifer White; smooth; soft Christian 8
Sybil She is a prophetess Christian 5
Gillian Christian 7
Raeven A form of raven Christian 6
Elina Woman with intelligence Christian 5
Ravyn A form of raven Christian 5
Viktoria Conqueror ; victory Christian 8
Penelope The name has a Greek origin meaning 'A Silent Worker; Weaver'. Christian 8
Ellina The shining light ; in mythology Christian 6
Adrianne A form of adrienne Christian 8
Ideh Praise Christian 4
Yuneka A priceless gift Christian 6
Susette One who is like lily or a rose Christian 7
Stanka Standing In Glory Christian 6
Adamina Daughter of the earth Christian 7
Kanishka Christian 8
Sydelle Princess Christian 7
Addriana Dark Christian 8
Talisa A form of tallis Christian 6
Janese A form of jane Christian 6
Zisel Sweet Christian 5
Carley A form of carly Christian 6
Rena Peace; joyous song rimona - pomegranate Christian 4
Cassondra Variation: cassandra Christian 9
Fay A form of faye Christian 3
Sonora Loud Christian 6
Regina King's advisor Christian 6
Payge A form of paige Christian 5
Lara It is the name of a Roman mythological character Christian 4
Raveena A form of raven Christian 7
Madisen Variation: madison Christian 7
Cadyna A form of cadence Christian 6
Quintina Fifth Christian 8
Karlee Free man Christian 6
Sung Successor or one on the verge of winning. Christian 4
Casee Brave Christian 5
Honey Christian 5
Sissela To be without a sight Christian 7
Madina From magdala Christian 6
Zuriel God is my rock Christian 6
Willma Resolute protector Christian 6
Selah A short form of selena Christian 5
Laurynn Crowned with laurel ; from the laurel tree Christian 7
Cady A form of kady Christian 4
Saritha Christian 7
Poppy The name means of flower or from the flower Christian 5
Savana Plateau Christian 6
Snezhana A snowy woman Christian 8
Calli Fortress Christian 5
Maleena A form of malina Christian 7
Ifechukwu Living under the light of the Lord Christian 9
Ishwariya Christian 9
Immogene Variation: imogen Christian 8
Elizza My god is bountiful ; god Christian 6
Solvej A woman with the strenght of the Sun Christian 6
Fayre Fair; light haired Christian 5
Salliann A combination of sally & ann Christian 8
Stangyth A considerate Christian 8
Spring Springtime Christian 6
Hephzibah My delight is in she Christian 9
Yamin Right hand yana - he answers Christian 5
Halli From the hall near the meadow Christian 5
Stefka She who has the crown Christian 6
Laboni Graceful Christian 6
Karynn Pure Christian 6
Scarlett In English origin Christian 8
Danniell God is my judge Christian 8
Sigurdís Victorious woman Christian 1
Yesennia Flower Christian 8
Pamella A woman who is as sweet as honey Christian 7
Ladonna Lady Christian 7
Vera Truth veronica - genuine image Christian 4
Racquell The innocent lamb ; in the bible Christian 8
Prajakta Christian 8
Zarra Dawn Christian 5
Maggi A form of maggie Christian 5
Nistha Christian 6
Cathryn Pure Christian 7
Maari Wished-for child Christian 5
Neenu Christian 5
Raynee One who is pure / one who provides wise counsel Christian 6
Saara A princess ; lady Christian 5
Simonette She who is heard Christian 9
Stonilda A stony woman Christian 8
Leoma Brilliant Christian 5
Latassha Birthday Christian 8
Imaani Believer or faith Christian 6
Swintayla A modern rare African-American name Christian 9
Nissy Christian 5
Veda Christian 4
Ziona A sign Christian 5
Deborahh Resembling a bee ; in the bible Christian 8
Laurrie Crowned with laurel ; from the laurel tree Christian 7
Abrianna Mother of many nations Christian 8
Bettina Consecrated to god betty - consecrated to god Christian 7
Idabelle A combination of ida & belle Christian 8
Vanessa Greek name meaning butterfly Christian 7
Reginna A queenly woman Christian 7
Levyna Twinkle Christian 6
Gali Spring Christian 4
Sookie She who is like the lily flower Christian 6
Varina Thorn Christian 6
Zelimirka One who desires. Christian 9
Ebbony A dark beauty Christian 6
Egbertyne A form of egberta Christian 9
Natalie It's the French version of the Russian name Natalia Christian 7
Siw She who is a bride Christian 3
Elliann A spirited man Christian 7
Xandra Defending men Christian 6
Prathyusha Christian 1
Stojanka She who stands firmly on the ground Christian 8
Willemina Will Christian 9
Maleeah Bitter Christian 7
Jaquelin Supplanter Christian 8
Maaria Star of the sea / from the sea of bitterness Christian 6
Nicholle Variation: nichol Christian 8
Jannine A funny Christian 7
Akshitha Christian 8
Eilis Celtic god's oath Christian 5
Suzaber A desirable Christian 7
Debborah Resembling a bee ; in the bible Christian 8
Selene Moon goddess Christian 6
Helenna Light Christian 7
Harlie A form of harley Christian 6
Stefania She who wears the crown Christian 8
Kandahl A form of kendall Christian 7
Reeta Christian 5
Harleigh A form of harley Christian 8
Reena Peace ; joyous song rimona - pomegranate Christian 5
Sofonisba The God Ba'al has sheltered her Christian 9
Kalla A princess ; lady Christian 5
Rajashree Christian 9
Sufeanna Earnest Christian 8
Soreena Soreena is a form Romanian name Sorina and means strict of s... Christian 7
Sussan White lily Christian 6
Sinikka One who is like the color blue Christian 7
Edelburga Noble protector Christian 9
Natalya Christ's birthday Christian 7
Carinna A bride Christian 7
Lauretta A form of loretta Christian 8
Kalli One who provides comfort Christian 5
Camini Careful meticulous person Christian 6
Hollie A form of holly Christian 6
Sammara Ruled by god Christian 7
Addyson A form of addison Christian 7
Suewinda A modern American name that is made up and holds no specific... Christian 8
Samirra Entertaining female companion Christian 7
Kathy A familiar form of katherine Christian 5
Madhumitha Christian 1
Valarie To be healthy Christian 7
Daija Already Christian 5
Silvija One of the woods Christian 7
Sungyve One who has the power and strength; passionate Christian 7
Haile A form of hayley Christian 5
Kandace Fire-white Christian 7
Pattricia A noble- man ; patrician Christian 9
Vinicia Christian 7
Jasmine Name of a fragrant flower Christian 7
Fionna One who is fair ; a white-shouldered woman Christian 6
Stefani Crown Christian 7
Ingumba African name that means an easy going person Christian 7
Sidonia A woman who comes from the acient city of Sidon Christian 7
Gisselle Hostage ; pledge Christian 8
Bhumika Christian 7
Berni A familiar form of bernadine Christian 5
Catrina Pure Christian 7
Gilen Gilen means a vow or a pledge Christian 5
Bhoomika Christian 8
Fleta Swift Christian 5
Niccole Of the victorious people Christian 7
Sivya One with a hart of a deer Christian 5
Billie Strong willed protector Christian 6
Jasmynne Fragrant flower Christian 8
Tamekka Twin Christian 7
Harani Christian 6
Janet A form of jane Christian 5
Indhu Christian 5
Adena Delicate Christian 5
Bonnie Beautiful Christian 6
Fairlee From a yellow meadow Christian 7
Sarra A princess ; lady Christian 5
Haileigh A form of hayley Christian 8
Suuvi A southern child of the summer Christian 5
Samena Secret Christian 6
Deeanna Divine Christian 7
Kalie One who provides comfort Christian 5
Sara Princess Christian 4
Leigh A form of lee Christian 5
Yasmen Jasmine Christian 6
Silje A deminutive of Cecilia Christian 5
Silvestra A woman of the forest Christian 9
Maddisson Daughter of a mighty warrior Christian 9
Yoselin Christian 7
Madelinne Woman from magdala Christian 9
Kaitlyn It is another name for Catherine. Christian 7
Aariana Resembling silver / one who is holy Christian 7
Cecellia One who is blind ; patron saint of music Christian 8
Callista Most beautiful ; in mythology Christian 8
Deelilah The beautiful temptress (the lover of samson in the bible) Christian 8
Carmalita Vineyard or means growth Christian 9
Vasudha Christian 7
Starley A form of star Christian 7
Deepthy Christian 7
Sylwia She who is a lady of the forest Christian 6
Elizabet My god is a vow Christian 8
Achu Christian 4
Nasya Miracle Christian 5
Heavenly A form of heaven Christian 8
Kathi A familiar form of katherine Christian 5
Earnestyna A form of ernestina Christian 1
Savanah Plateau Christian 7
Shantay Enchanted Christian 7
Soon-Bok Gentle and blessed Christian 8
Aira Christian 4
Safranka Saffron flower. Christian 8
Phylicia Foliage Christian 8
Starlene A star Christian 8
Sari Princess Christian 4
Faina Happy Christian 5
Zinachidinma The Lord is compassionate Christian 1
Tatum Cheerful Christian 5
Sofija A woman full of wisdom Christian 6
Sadee A princess ; lady Christian 5
Tannia Queen of the fairies Christian 6
Hitee Love and care Christian 5
Zelene Sunshine Christian 6
Sagaya Christian 6
Santhiya Christian 8
Vismaya Christian 7
Stephania A woman who is crowned Christian 9
Deeann From the valley ; a church official Christian 6
Quiana Living with grace ; heavenly Christian 6
Jamia A form of jami Christian 5
Jaymi A form of jami Christian 5
Bambi Little girl Christian 5
Tatiana Christian 7
Paulla A small or humble man Christian 6
Illiana Bright Christian 7
Yarkona Green Christian 7
Xantina One who is a great devotee of the Lord Christian 7
Ifeoluwapo The God who loves a lot Christian 1
Sotiria She who brings salvation to people Christian 7
Janaa God is gracious ; in the bible Christian 5
Jamii He who supplants Christian 5
Neorah Light Christian 6
Vickii Variation: vicky Christian 6
Callee One who is manly and strong / a free man Christian 6
Freya Woman Christian 5
Sunnild She is like the Sun Christian 7
Hanne Gracious Christian 5
Daniela God is my judge Christian 7
Ajitha Christian 6
Støen Father who provides joy Christian 1
Heleena Light Christian 7
Gracelyn A combination of grace & lynn Christian 8
Cadie A form of kady Christian 5
Simonne One who listens well Christian 7
Ela Cardamon tree Christian 3
Suette Luck or good fortune. She who is lucky. Christian 6
Eleora The lord is my light Christian 6
Gemma Christian 5
Hanaa Resembling a flower blossom / a blissful woman Christian 5
Yetta A short form of henrietta Christian 5
Premalatha Christian 1
Dayannara Resembling a bird of prey Christian 9
Leea From the meadow Christian 4
Presha Christian 6
Jannice God is gracious ; in the bible Christian 7
Magdalen Of magdala Christian 8
Salome In Aramaic Christian 6
Nathalie Christ's birthday Christian 8
Zarria Blossom Christian 6
Aamber Resembling the jewel ; a warm honey color Christian 6
Taci A form of tacey Christian 4
Zuzka One who blossoms and shines brightly Christian 5
Sioned She who felt the kindness of the God Christian 6
Pranathi Bow in salutation/greeting; Obeisance; Reverence Christian 8
Suzette One who is like a little rose or a little lily Christian 7
Calla Resembling a lily ; a beautiful woman Christian 5
Wallis From wales Christian 6
Aayla From the oak tree Christian 5
Syryia She who is from Syria Christian 6
Cathrynn One who is pure ; virginal Christian 8
Earwyna A form of erwina Christian 7
Raynne One who is pure / one who provides wise counsel Christian 6
Breonna Just pretty Christian 7
Sabrena A form of sabrina Christian 7
Eama One who comprises of the whole universe Christian 4
Caryn Pure Christian 5
Stylanie She is a star-like woman Christian 8
Nishanthi Christian 9
Sopheia A woman of wisdom and knowledge Christian 7
Zayley Dry Christian 6
Magdalena Of magdala Christian 9
Elethia Healer Christian 7
Bharti Christian 6
Florissa A variant of the name 'Flora' Christian 8
Agnes Pure Christian 5
Kalii One who provides comfort Christian 5
Akira Christian 5
Nancy God's flavour Christian 5
Unity Unity. Christian 5
Tasia Resurrection Christian 5
Stanuie One who becomes Christian 7
Nattalie Refers to christ Christian 8
Suzonne A lady who is like a rose Christian 7
Gaylia A form of gail Christian 6
Vanity Vain Christian 6
Oriana Born at sunrise Christian 6
Stahyana She who is from a beautiful clearing in the woods Christian 8
Zacharee God is remembered Christian 8
Tayler A form of taylor Christian 6
Tawney A form of tawny Christian 6
Zaharinka A variant of Zaharina Christian 9
Sistine A name of the Vatican chapel with Michelangelo's frescoed ce... Christian 7
Golda Gold Christian 5
Reba From the name rebecca Christian 4
Sola A woman who is alone Christian 4
Whisper Whisper Christian 7
Frances Free Christian 7
Bara To choose Christian 4
Madelene A form of madeline Christian 8
Zambda Meditation Christian 6
Nattaly Refers to christ Christian 7
Dalphina Used to refer to a blue bell like flower Christian 8
Sonrisa She who is full of smiles Christian 7
Syflede A hard worker who is efficient Christian 7
Godgifu A form of godiva Christian 7
Giovanna God is gracious ; in the bible Christian 8
Maggie A familiar form of magdalen Christian 6
Sampa Christian 5
Gardenia Botany: a sweet-melling flower Christian 8
Nisi Emblem Christian 4
Sybbly One who is like an oracle Christian 6
Priscilla In Latin Christian 9
Sylke Sylke is a form of Cecilia and means blind. Christian 5
Addeline Noble kind Christian 8
Ian God is benevolent Christian 3
Alannah Rock Christian 7
Tanishka Christian 8
Zikoranachidinma The name means 'a blessing from the true Lord'. Christian 1
Sonel Lily Christian 5
Sunni She was the gift of the Sun Christian 5
Natalee Born at christmas Christian 7
Tammi A form of tammy Christian 5
Heaven Place of beauty and happiness Christian 6
Candiss Pure or glowing Christian 7
Yasmiin Resembling the jasmine flower Christian 7
Lael Of god Christian 4
Illianna Bright Christian 8
Isobell Variation: isabel Christian 7
Sissota A happy Christian 7
Baylea A form of bailey Christian 6
Prity Christian 5
Stockard Stockyard Christian 8
Maddisen Daughter of a mighty warrior Christian 8
Darleen It means darling Christian 7
Primrose Primrose flower Christian 8
Xanthia Yellow Christian 7
Madalyn From magdala Christian 7
Queenie Queen. Christian 7
Geena A well- born woman Christian 5
Akiva Protect Christian 5
Paula Small Christian 5
Larissa It means a haven or a refuge Christian 7
Reinna A queen Christian 6
Lakessha Joyful or happy Christian 8
Madelyn A form of madeline Christian 7
Wenndy One who is fair ; of the white ring Christian 6
Malina Tower Christian 6
Maleah Uncertain Christian 6
Sybella A form of syvil Christian 7
Madysson Daughter of a mighty warrior Christian 8
Vinnarasi Christian 9
Tannya Queen of the fairies Christian 6
Daijah Already Christian 6
Snjezana The snow woman. Christian 8
Pinki Christian 5
Siomha One who is like a good peace Christian 6
Elle From a foreign land Christian 4
Phoebee A bright Christian 7
Wanetta Pale face Christian 7

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