Celtic Baby Girl Names Starting From 'K' With Meaning.

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Celtic baby girl names starting with K letter.

Like Names Means
Kelvin From near the river
Kevin Gentle
Keith One who dwells in the forest
Keane Ancient
Kylie Strait
Kiera Black
Keely Slender
Kyna The name means Intelligent
Kylynn A name for sweet and spiritual person
Kylyne A philosophical
Kylise The name means She who Won
Kylin Kylin means Victory Woman
Kyley Kyley means She who has Won
Kylene The name means Little piece of Land
Kyleigh The name means She who isThriumphant
Kyleena Kayleena means Slender
Kylee Kylee means Victorious Woman
Kylea Kylea means She who Won
Kylah Kylah means Victor
Kwyn The name means Descendent of Conn
Kiora Kiora means A little and Dark Loved One
Kinna Kinna means Winner
Kieryn The name means Black
Kidada Kidada means Archer's Bow
Kherington The name means She is Sprung from the Fire
Keyara Keyara means The Small One with Dark Hair
Kevlyn Kevlyn She is Beautiful and Young
Kevina Kevina means Beautiful Young One
Kevia Kevia means The Child is Beautiful
Keriste Kerishia means Unsullied
Kennera Kennera means Woman Leader
Kennedi Kennedi means Helmet on the Head
Kennedale The meanin gof the name is She comes from the Valley
Kennady The name means Ugly
Kennadie Kannadie means Head with an Armor
Kendria High Summit
Kenai Kenai means From the Clean Waters
Kelseigh The name means Victorious Ship
Kelsea Kelsea means Island of Ships
Kellie The name means From the Wood
Kelli Kelli means Lively
Kellesha The name means Woman Warrior
Kellene Kellene means Church
Kelia Kelia means Wood
Kelci Kelci means A Ship of Victory
Kelcey The name means Victory ship
Keitha Keitha means The Woman is a Warrior
Keiran Keiran means The one that is Little and Dark
Keira Keira means Little Dark-haired Woman
Keir Keir name means Dark-haired and Dark-skinned Girl
Kayse Kaysee means Descendant of the One who is Vigilant
Kaylene The name means The place of a prayer
Kaylan Kaylan means Slender
Kayci Descendant of Cathasaigh
Katell Katell means Pure
Karsyn Karsyn means From the Marsh
Karstyn The name means Mossy Place
Kandra Celtic meaning is Greatest Chamion
Kaleigh The name means Laurel
Kaily Kaily means Social Celebration
Kaillie The name means Church
Kaileigh The meaning of the name is Dance
Kacee Descendant of Cathasaigh
Kace Kace means The Descendant of the Vigilant
Kaca Kaca name means Descendant of the Vigilant One
Kaasi Kaashi name means From the Holy City
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