Buddhist Baby Girl Names From 'T' With Meaning.

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Like Names Means Origin
Teesta A River Buddhist
Tenzin; Tenzing Protector of Dharma Buddhist
Tashi Prosperity Buddhist
Tuyet The girl who is fair in complexion like snowflakes. Buddhist
Tuyen Refers to archangel or messenger. Buddhist
Tuya Ray of light Buddhist
Tun Succeed Buddhist
Tsuru Stork greeting for a long last life. Buddhist
Tsumugi Pongee a soft cloth made from threads of silk Buddhist
Tsubasa Refers to section or extension. Buddhist
Tsubame Accept or believe. Buddhist
Tsolmon Venus Buddhist
Tsetsegmaa Flower Buddhist
Tsetseg Flower Buddhist
Trieu A tide or a small wave Buddhist
Toshiko An ancient or valued child Buddhist
Toru A vast and huge sea of water Buddhist
Tora In Japanese it means a tigress. In Latin it refers to the victor or conqueror. In Norse it refers to Goddess of Thunder. Buddhist
Tonica To the people Buddhist
Tong In Chinesee it is a title given to a public officer. In Ditch it refers to tongue that means a chatterbox Buddhist
Tomoko A friendly or a knowing child Buddhist
Tomoe A blessing in the form of friend Buddhist
Tomo Intelligence or a knowledge of a person Buddhist
Tika In Navaho Indian it means Sun maiden. In Sioux it means Flower Buddhist
Tien A fairy Buddhist
Tida A daughter Buddhist
Ti Common Vietnamese middle name Buddhist
Thuzar Angel Buddhist
Thuza Angel Buddhist
Thuya The sun Buddhist
Thura The Sun Buddhist
Thuong One who loves tenderly Buddhist
Tho She who has a long life Buddhist
Thiri Splendor Buddhist
Thida A name of Goddess Sita Buddhist
Thi A single woman Buddhist
Therein The sun Buddhist
Theingi Gold Buddhist
Thein A hundred thousand Buddhist
Theavy Angelic Buddhist
Thawka Pali word for amherstia flower. Buddhist
Thawda Moon Buddhist
Thao Respectful Buddhist
Thant Clean Buddhist
Thanh A young voice Buddhist
Thang Victorious one Buddhist
Thandar Burmese word for coral Buddhist
Than A million Buddhist
Tham She who has descreet grace Buddhist
Tevy An angel Buddhist
Terbish Not that one Buddhist
Tenzin Protector of Dharma Buddhist
Tasanee A beautiful view Buddhist
Taru A vast and huge sea of water Buddhist
Tansanee Beautiful view Buddhist
Taki Plunging waterfall Buddhist
Takarra Precious item Buddhist
Takara A piece to cherish Buddhist
Takako Child who is an aristocrat Buddhist
Taka Tall Buddhist
Taban Splendid or glittering Buddhist
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