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Baby Girl Names

Like Names Means
Zhang Min Zhang means Stretch
Odval Mongolian word for chrysanthemum flower.
Myia Emerald
Dechen Health and happiness
Htay Rich and wealthy
Chinua Blessings from God
Susu A very slight sound. A quiet person
Chime Everlasting or immortal
Sunako The sand child or the dark side
Penden Lotus throne
Heljo Blessed
Chewa She who is great or powerful.
Qacha Flank
Sunstra A woman with beautiful eyes.
Chenda Thought
Bolormaa Crystal mother
Kesang Fabulous period of time
Pema A lotus
Dohna A female deity
Mayuree Beautiful
Jampa Kindness or benevolence
Goldeholda A person who is rich and have a huge collection of ornaments. In other meanings a person who is very intelligent.
Nyunt Blossom
Pemala Respect of the lotus
Myo Relative
Theingi Gold
Gan The bold one.
Narantsetseg Sunflower
Wang Xiu Wang means King
Takara A piece to cherish
Hla She who is beautiful
Prija Intelligence
Kyi Clear
Sirikit A woman with the qualities of a Queen
Goldeheve The one with sixth sense
Toshiko An ancient or valued child
Och Sparkle
Altansarnai Golden rose
Pema A Lotus
Tsetseg Flower
Opame Infinite light
Rinzen The holder of intellect
Achara An angel who is very pretty or beautiful
Phawta Pleasing to the eye
Suong She is like a fog
Aung Success
Monkh Erdene Eternal family
Thao Respectful
Chodren Lamb of the Dharma
Sanoh Something that's pleasant sounding.
Sophea She who is a clever and wise one
Gerel Light
Tho She who has a long life
Thuong One who loves tenderly
Phone Glory
Zar Lace
Phurba Buddhist religious dagger used for rituals by Buddhist masters
Anh Smart
Hlaing Plenty
Thuzar Angel
Pali One who has a lot of power and strength
Etsudo a Japanese name meaning joy and child.
Tevy An angel
Wang Fang Wang means King
Fumiko Academic or intellectual.
Kulap The flower rose.
Aom To encircle or to embrace
Khulan Onager
Taban Splendid or glittering
Tomo Intelligence or a knowledge of a person
Malee Flower
Sreyleak Perfect girl
Li Xiu Li means Beautiful
Enkhjargal Peaceful happiness or peace blessing
Tida A daughter
Thandar Burmese word for coral
Shway Gold
Altantsetseg Golden flower
Zhang Xiu Zhang means Stretch
Tsubame Accept or believe.
Leakhena An attribute
Phitsamai An adorable woman.
Tasanee A beautiful view
Tika In Navaho Indian it means Sun maiden. In Sioux it means Flower
Tora In Japanese it means a tigress. In Latin it refers to the victor or conqueror. In Norse it refers to Goddess of Thunder.
Socheata Well born
Thi A single woman
Marlar Garland
Uttiya A Name In Buddhist Literature
Than A million
Thant Clean
Druki They are peace loving individuals
Sopa An incredibly pretty girl.
Zhang Li Zhang means Stretch
Karnchana A beautiful and lovely girl.
Erdenechimeg Jewel ornament
Yun Lotus flower
Ogtbish Mongolian word meaning not at all.
Tomoe A blessing in the form of friend
Tuya Ray of light
Tsumugi Pongee a soft cloth made from threads of silk
Tansanee Beautiful view
Karamia Karamia means Beloved Peace
Erhi a musical instrument.
Li Jing Li means Reason
Sovannah He who is made of gold
Kannika A beautiful flower
Pimchan Beautiful as the moon.
Saengdao Starlight
Beam Ray of light
Thuza Angel
Boonsri Beautiful
Tuyet The girl who is fair in complexion like snowflakes.
Tsuru Stork greeting for a long last life.
Uuliinyagaantsetseg Pink flower of mountain
Natcha Intelligent
Ti Common Vietnamese middle name
Aye Cool
Wang Li Wang means King
Kanokwan Kanok means gold
Takako Child who is an aristocrat
Tomoko A friendly or a knowing child
Odgerel Starlight
Malivalaya Climbing jasmine
Narangerel Sun light
Thiri Splendor
Sarangerel Moonlight
Wang Jing Wang means King
Taka Tall
Genji Who is most valuable as Gold.
Qara Cloudlet
Soo A charitable
Trieu A tide or a small wave
Ohma Linseed flower
Theavy Angelic
Eindra A name of Lord Indra
Cahya One who is the light in darkness
Oyuunchimeg Decorated or noble mind
Siriporn One who is gloriously blessed
Lawan Beautiful
Xanadu A place in China
Tong In Chinesee it is a title given to a public officer. In Ditch it refers to tongue that means a chatterbox
Tsetsegmaa Flower
Phaibun To prosper and flourish
Odtsetseg Star flower
Taki Plunging waterfall
Nyein Quiet
Diki Healthy and wealthy
Samorn A woman who is beautiful and beloved.
Sonam The fortunate one; Beautiful
Li Na Li means Beautiful
Choden The devout one or religious
Duanphen Full moon
Karawek A bird found in Thailand
Kohsoom Lotus in Thai language.
Dojin It means path of love
Arban A fluent man
Hella Successful
Fuji Refers to prosperous objective or flourishing opinion.
Tuyen Refers to archangel or messenger.
Kyine She who smells sweet
Zarni One who is blessed with beauty
Sovann He who is golden
Sanouk An enjoyable festival.
Tien A fairy
Shein Reflection. It could refer to mirror's reflection or reflection of either of the parent.
Thawka Pali word for amherstia flower.
Khongordzol Thistle
Phairoh Pleasant sounding
Busarakham Yellow sapphire
Munkhtsetseg Eternal flower
Tonica To the people
Chit Love
Khun Mae The honorable mother.
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