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Load Definition & Meaning - Merriam-Webster


English Language Learners Definition of load · something that is lifted and carried · an amount that can be carried at one time : an amount that fills something ( ...

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Load Definition & Meaning | Dictionary.com


load · this quantity taken as a unit of measure or weight or a discrete quantity (usually used in combination): carload; wagonload. · the quantity borne or ...

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LOAD | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary


the amount or weight of something carried by a vehicle, a structure such as a bridge, or a person or animal: The truck had a load of bricks. The ...

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Load definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary


load in American English · 1. anything put in or on something for conveyance or transportation; freight; cargo · 2. the quantity that can be or usually is carried ...

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.load() | jQuery API Documentation


load( "ajax/test.html" );. If no element is matched by the selector — in this case, if the document does not contain ...

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Load - Definition, Meaning & Synonyms | Vocabulary.com


A load is a bundle of stuff that has to be carried. You might spend your days hauling loads of hay into a barn and your evenings dragging loads of dirty ...

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Load Restraint Guide | National Transport Commission


The Load Restraint Guide provides everyone in the transport chain of responsibility with basic safety principles for the safe carriage of loads.

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Load variables from file into workspace - MATLAB load


If filename is an ASCII file, then load(filename) creates a double-precision array containing data from the file. example. load( filename , variables ) loads ...

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load - Wiktionary


A burden; a weight to be carried. ... A certain number of articles or quantity of material that can be transported or processed at one time. ... A quantity of ...

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load - LDOCE - Longman Dictionary


load · Related topics: Cleaning, Electricity · loadload1 /ləʊd $ loʊd/ ○○○ S1 W3 noun [countable] · 1 amount of somethingAMOUNT a large quantity of something ...

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Load Restraint Guide - | NHVR


Loading requirements. A load on a heavy vehicle must: not be placed in a way that makes the vehicle unstable or unsafe; be secured so it is unlikely to fall ...

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Load Centres | Legrand


Legrand HLC load centres is available from 12 to 36 modules. The range have been designed to perfectly meet residential/multi-residential dwellings ...

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Study load - Current students


Study load requirements. Different study load requirements apply to domestic students and international student visa holders. Such conditions are stipulated in ...

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docker load


docker load: Load an image or repository from a tar archive (even if compressed with gzip, bzip2, or xz) from a file or STDIN. It restores both images and ...

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Load Balancer documentation - Microsoft Docs


Learn how to use Azure Load Balancer. Quickstarts, tutorials, samples, and more, show you how to deploy a load balancer and load balance traffic to and from ...

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Safe Load Program Course - Nationwide Training


Is your Safe Load Program card up to date? Nationwide Training Perth have a short course available to ensure you are eligible to transport bulk fuels in ...

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How Elastic Load Balancing works - AWS Documentation


A load balancer accepts incoming traffic from clients and routes requests to its registered targets (such as EC2 instances) in one or more Availability ...

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Load relief - AEMO


Load relief. In the NEM, there are six Contingency FCAS markets, designed to ensure there is enough frequency response in the system to deal ...

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Transporting high loads - SA Power Networks


Driving a vehicle greater than 4.6 metres in height? You will need to get a High Load Permit from us.

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Load Mate Loadlinks - Nobles


This Load Link is a combination of a sound and proven design, with todays advanced electronics to provide a superb feature set. It is versatile, reliable, ...

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Buy Top Load Washing Machines on Sale | The Good Guys


Buy the best top load washing machines on sale at The Good Guys. Clean your clothes using washers from brands such as Simpson, Samsung, ...

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Training load in relation to loading and unloading phases of ...


Sports performance is multifactorial in nature with exercise training, recovery, heath, nutrition, psychological skills and skill acquisition as key factors in ...

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