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Mahfouza A protected
Mahfooza She who is well protected
Mahera One who is very smart
Maheen She who is the greatest
Mahdokht She who is the daughter of the moon
Mahdiya She who is righly guided by Allah
Mahdis One who is beautiful like the moon
Mahdia A well guided one
Mahbubi One who is dearly adored
Mahbubee A beloved sweetheart
Mahbubah The beloved one
Mahbuba The greatly adorned one
Mahboobe A mistress
Mahboobah A dear
Mahbobah A beloved one
Mahbob A dearly loved friend
Mahasin A virtuous
Mahasen She who is beautiful and radiant
Mahalfa A womman who is commited
Mahak A little girl who is cute and beautiful
Maha wild cow Arabic word for a wild cow
Maha Gazelle; Beautiful Eyes; Splendid; Beloved to Amun
Mah jabeen A woman with the face like a Moon
Magali A daughter of the sea
Mafaz One who has great success; salvation
Maeena One who takes care of others.
Maeen Spring of water
Madina A Quranic name for girls that means city of the Prophet
Madihah Praiseworthy person
Madiha One who is worthy of praise
Madhat A word
Madeha Praiseworthy woman
Madeeha A woman who is worthy of every praise
Madaniya A polished
Mabrura A pious girl or woman who is accepted by Allah.
Mabruka One who has been blessed
Mabrouka A lucky girl
Mabrooka A blessed
Mabila A noble
Maassama A woman who is pure hearted and generous
Maasma An innocent and honorable person
Maarib End goals
Maamuna Thrustworthy and loyal woman
Maamouna A woman on who you can depend
Maajida A glorious woman of power
Maahnoor The Moon's glow
Maahjabeen She carries the Moon on her forhead
Maab A beautiful place or person to return to
Ma'isah She who wallks proudly
Maryam Our lady
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