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Leen Soft
Leelah Arabic name for Night beauty
Leasha Arabic name for woman
Lazeena Comes from Islamic word meaning faith
Layyin A Girl who is soft and delicate
Layly The meaning of the name is Night
Layan A tender and soft Girl
Layali After the Sun sets down
Layal Dark hours of the day
Layaan A softness and gentleness of a woman
Lawaiza A Girl who was born to Eve with Abel
Lawahiz A person who glanses shyly at others
Latipha Friendly
Latipah One who is gentle and kind.
Latimah Scent
Latifa Pleasant
Laseef A person of brilliance and sparkly character
Larifa A kindhearted person who is gentle by nature
Lamya' Dark lipped Girl
Lamya One who has dark lips.
Lamiya Dark lipped woman
Lamisa Soft
Lamis Soft to Touch
Lamija One with a shining
Lamese She who is Soft to the Touch
Lamees Soft to the Touch
Lamah Person who posseses the qualities of Brillinace
Lama A person of Dark Lips
Lakitia Woman
Lakita The treasure that is found
Lakiesha To be alive and well
Laketia Woman
Lakecia Lakecia means Woman
Laiqa The name means Deserving
Laily The meaning of the name is Night
Lailah Lailah means Dark
Lailaa Lailaa means Night Time
Lail Lail means Nighttime
Laiha Laiha means Glittering
Laiba Female of the Haven; Prettiest Woman in all the heavens
Lahifa Lahifa means To Help
Lafiza Lafiza means As Deep as a Sea
Labibah The name mans She is Quick to Understand
Labiba Labiba name means She is a person of Intelect
Labeeba Labeeba means She is Wise and Sensible
Laaibah Laabiah means The prettiest Woman
Lyla A Girl from an island
Lila She who belongs to the people
Leila Nighttime
Layla Nigh time in Arabic. Layla and Qays are a popular romatic stroy in Persia and Arabia
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