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Ghumaysa Her kuniyah was Umm Sulaym
Ghufran Arabic word for forgivness
Ghufayrah A very pious woman who kept vigil in the night
Ghudan Arabic word for early morning
Ghizlan An Arabic name for girls that means gazelles
Ghizala Muslim name meaning deer
Ghiz A flower bud
Ghina Arabic name meaning melody or a song
Ghibtah She was the daughter of Amer al-Mujashaiyah and a narrator of Hadith
Ghazzal Girl who loves poems
Ghaziya A warrior or a fighter
Ghazaleh A woman who is like a gazelle
Ghazalah She who is like a gazelle
Ghazala A woman graceful as a gazelle
Ghazal The lover of poems
Ghazaalah Mean the female gazelle
Ghaydaa To be young and delicate
Ghayda A delicate and youg person
Ghayad The softness of a moman
Ghatiya A dynamic person
Ghasna Pure and gentile as a flower blossom
Ghashmira Liberty
Ghashia The heart hidden under the veil
Gharizah A woman with good instict
Ghariy An absolutely beautiful
Ghaniyah A woman of great richness and wealth
Ghaniya Woman who is very rich
Ghania A woman of great wealth
Ghamzeh Coquetry
Ghaliyah A sweet smell
Ghaliya A girl of sweet scent
Ghais Showers of rain or water drops from the clouds.
Ghafira Refers the action of hiding the iniquities.
Ghafir One of the names of God
Ghadir Tiny natural body of running water flowing on or underneath the earth.
Ghadia Refers to the white bank of cloud which appear during the day time.
Ghadat Maiden
Ghada Graceful young girl
Ghabra World
Gelarah Refers to eyes
Gazbiyyah One in is wondourously beautiful
Gazbiyya The one who is beautiful and pleasant.
Gazala The one who is intellectual and fascinating.
Garda Sheltered or shielded.
Gamilah Awesome or fine looking person.
Gamila Very pretty or wonderful.
Galiba Winner
Galiana The name of a moorish princess
Gakeemah An excellent and humble human being
Gaeti One who has good judgement and loyal being
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