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Banujah The Daughter of Al-mahdi
Banan Finger Tips
Banah Tall
Banafshah A Flower (Violet)
Banafsaj Violent Flower
Balquees She was the daughter of Ahmad Bin Mishqar. A distinguished woman of her times.
Balqis Name Of The Queen Of Sheba; She was the daughter of Ahmad bin Mishqar
Balqees She was the daughter of Ahmad Bin Mishqar. A distinguished woman of her times.
Balluri The name means 'Crystalline.'
Baligha The name is a version of 'Baleegha.' It means eloquent and lasting.
Bakirah A virgin girl
Bakhdan A very delicate and beautiful girl
Bajila A dignified woman
Baiza One who is white and pure
Bain One who have a strong vision of the future
Baihas One who has a hauting and strong personality
Bahriyahalaabidah A devoted worshipper; one who has full faith
Bahriya One who is bright and bold
Bahria The gray one; beautiful like water
Bahnaz The most lovable.
Bahja One who brings happiness in people's lives
Bahiyya A beautiful person
Bahiyah Beautiful
Bahiyaa Beautiful
Bahiya Beautiful
Bahisa Seeker
Bahiriya Brilliant
Bahirat A delicate woman
Bahirah The dazzling beauty
Bahija One who is happy in every situation
Bahiga One who has social and charming nature
Bahia One who has charismatic and brilliant beauty
Bahi The one who is born with the brilliance of beauty
Bahgat One who is born to spread happiness
Bahera A famous and dazzling person
Baheerah An extremely beautiful and radiant woman.
Baheera Beautiful
Baheenah A beautiful woman.
Baheela A beautiful woman.
Bahayah Beauty and radiance.
Baharan Spring or springtime.
Baghisha Light rain affecting a small area.
Badriya One who is like the full Moon
Badrah To be early or to be ahead of others.
Badiha Intuition or instinct.
Badeeda Specimen or example.
Badeea She who is smart
Badah A person who is broad minded.
Baasima Smiling; One who smiles; One who is happy
Baarizah A prominent personality.
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