Arabic Baby Girl Names Starting From 'A' With Meaning.

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Arabic baby girl names starting with A letter.

Like Names Means
Aaseiyah One who tends and heals the weak and poor
Aaseeyah Full of yearning or thoughtful
Aaseemah The person having the spirit to protect and guide others
Aaseayah A deep thinker
Aaseamah the one who is protector
Aarifa One endowed with great knowledge.
Aaraa the act of adoring or embellishing
Aara the person who can be adored
Aaniya the meaning of aaniya is affectionate
Aani The name came from a famous literary woman and poetess in qastaniniyah
Aamna the state of tranquility and harmony
Aamirah the one having residing in a divine place
Aamira The superior or being prosperous and abundant
Aaminabee The one who is blessed with the grace of god
Aamina bee The one who is blessed with the grace of god
Aamina This was the name of mother of prophet Muhammad
Aamanee The good desire
Aamal the word means to get to work or stay in motion
Aamaal The word means the belief or expectation or aspiration
Aalya The one who is very smooth soft and serene
Aaliya the one who is excellent
Aalina aalina has a greek origin which means Light
Aalin the name means "beautiful
Aalia The one having superior social standing and the one exalted
Aaleyah The one having superior social standing and the one exalted
Aalaa The one who has a great values or quality
Aala This means having a quality of being generous
Aakifah the name aakifah means means "one who stays at the mosque to worship Allah"?
Aaishaa the name means the one who is alive or living his life to the fullest
Aaira the one who is worthy of respect
Aaima aaima means the one who is supreme leader or the one who leads or conducts
Aaila the word aaila means Beautiful
Aaida aaida has many meaning in different languages
Aafreen Afareen is a Persian name for girls
Aafreeda the name signifies a person who is just put to existence or produced
Aafiyat Health
Aafiyah the word means Healthy
Aafia The name signifies the person who cool and composed and free from all worries
Aaeesha the word has the meaning of She who lives" or "womanly"
Aaeedah The name means Something of value given in return of some thing good
Aadina the name aadina has a meaning of delicate
Aadila the female counterpart of aadil
Aadab Name aadab has a meaning of Hope and need. The person who brings hope to the family
A'lia Glorious
A'idah Something of value given in return of some thing good
A'dab the person who brings hope to the family
Amira A born princess who has a heart of gold
Amena Arabic - Truthful; Trustworthy; Faithful; Honest Woman; A variant spelling of name Amina
Aisha the one who is characterized by success or having favorable outcome
Aaliyah the name means To Ascend
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