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Blondene Fair-haired; Variation of the Spanish Blandina; Flattering
Sophia She who posesses great knoledge and wisdom
Cambree A woman who comes from Wales
Blysse Delight; Joy; Happiness
Beyonce Beyond Others
Beverley From the Beaver Meadow; Beaver Stream
Donald great chief
Bronx A place name. A land that belongs to Bronck.
Abeque A person who loves to stay at home
Aerilyn The beautiful or pleasant air
Boston A place name
Adaline A noble or kind-hearted person
Birdie Little Bird; Unusual Nature; Bright
Astghik American name derived from astgh which means a little star
Annissa A true compannion who is pure and charming
Braelyn A beautiful
Briannah She is strong and noble
Noah Relaxation
Colette victory of the people
Bernardine Bear-hard; Brave as a Bear; Female Version of Bernard; From an Old German Compound
Braylee A wide and broad hillside
Caeli She who is crowned with the laurel crown
Auriar Cold and gentle breeze filled with music
Cailynn She is very pure
Brayley Residing on a broad and wide hillside
Layla Nigh time in Arabic. Layla and Qays are a popular romatic stroy in Persia and Arabia
Bertilda Shining Battle-maid; Woman Warrior
Belen Bethlehem; An Arrow
Braelynn A wide
Berneice She who Brings Victory
Isabella God is perfection
Blondell Blond; Fair-haired; Little Pale One
Abriella One who is derived from God or the pillar of strength
Blanch Fair; White; Pale
Amelie A mighty hard working defender
Betsey God is My Oath; Diminutive of Elizabeth; God's Promise
Bertilde Shining Battle-maid; Woman Warrior; Bright Warrior Maiden
Birdy Birdlike; Bright
Brasen The gift of God; God's gift
Barbi Traveler from a Foreign Land; In Catholic Custom St Barbara is a Protectors Against Fire and Lightning; Strange; Foreign
Caemlyn A woman from the skies
Levi united
Mia The person who is dearly to everyone.
Alpha An excellent firstborn child with leadership and chieftian qualities
Bly To Be A Tall Child
Beverlee From the Beaver Meadow; Beaver Stream
Camisha Combination of Camila and Alisha
Blisse Delight; Joy; Intense Happiness
Azaria helped by God
Bobbye Bright Fame
Bryanne She is a strong and ascending woman
Elaina shining light
Cache A place where things are stored
Reid Red Headed
Alyson Adaptable
Berta Famous; Noble; Splendid; Shining Pledge; Bright Ruler; Glorious; Bright or Glorious
Bessy God is My Oath; Diminutive of Elizabeth; House; God's Promise
Amelia The one who is industrious
Bea Blessed
Emma the meaning of this name is universal whole.
Avabelle One who has a beautiful live; breathing in life
Averi A strong-witted individual who is ambitious
Bettye God's Oath; Form of Elizabeth
Adica The mother's choice
Olivia The one who is closer to olive tree.
Amberleigh The one who is immortal and has a friendly
Bobby Short For Robert
Aria The one who is Lion of the Lords; Air
Annis The holy one who is pure
Brandelyn Derived from brandy
Blyss Delight; Joy; Intense Happiness
Ameera A leader
Bertrade Bright Counselor
Knox From The Small Hill
Callison The most beautiful and noble. Combination of names Calli and Alison
Bryanna A strong woman who only goes up
Dominick of the Lord
Braylene Residing on a broad hillside
Ava A bird; a living organism of the ecosystem
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