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Keisha Keisha name means She is a Favorite
Chalondra A Lark; they are smart individuals
Lateefah Pleasant and kind person of tender character
Tiwa One who owns the crown or kingship
Julene the word means youth. These people prove to be very lucky and natural in their attitude. They do not bear fake personalities.
Chuki Born in a time of strike and hatred.
Tendai One who is thankful to God
Okoth Talkative person. Sometimes used to refer a crow.
Jahia One widely known
Jumoke Jumoke means Everybody Loves the Child
Kianga Kianga means The Beams of The SUn
Kanika The name Kanika means Seed
Jozua they have a funny side and are involved in many activities. They help to bring people together and have spark in their personality.
Neo The talented one or skilled one.
Modupe I am Grateful; Gratefulness; I give thanks to God
Karasi Krasi means Life and Wisdom
Kesslee Kessie means Chubby Baby
Hawla One who is graceful like an antelope.
Kacela Kacela means the Great Huntress
Kaikara Kaikara means Traditional Name of God
Jendayi Thankful; To give thanks;
Kenya Kenya means Mauntain of Whiteness
Obioma The Charm of a King that wins over the hearts of others
Kimmie Kimmie means Rock with Diamonds
Chibueze Where God is the King
Wamweru One who is light skinned.
Jumapili Kenyan term
Kimya Kimya means Silent
Kabili Name Kabili means Honest
Ahanti warlike in the Twi language.
Dalilah Languish; weak
Kijana Kijana means Youth
Wakiuru One of the nine founders of Agikuyu.
Ebele It means mercy or kindness.
Xolani Kenyan term meaning be at peace.
Tamala She who is like a thunderbolt
Kia Kia means Season is Beggining
Osith One who looks after the people and kingdom
Joos they have a funny side and are involved in many activities. They help to bring people together and have spark in their personality.
Kaula Kaula means Woman Prophet
Aba African Akan - Girl born on Thursday; Abah
Karimah Karimah name means is Big-Hearted
Fayola An African name meaning "Good fortune walks with honor"
Monifa African Yoruban - I Am Lucky
Kecia Kecia means Great
Kainda Kainda means The Hunter's Daughter
Flodwig A Dithematic name (linking two elements
Timberly A rock or gem from the lands on timber
Abeni African Yoruban - We asked for her
Kalere Kalere means Small Woman
Okapi It's a Latin word that means a horn. Also an ancient greek word that means pity or mercy.
Kaniqua Kaniqua means Black Dress
Farashuu Kenyan word for butterfly
Kione Kione name means He came from Nowhere
Akia African - First Born; Also a variant form of name Kia which means difficult and in Greek it means pure
Kalei The name Kalei means The One who works for the Kinf
Tatenda Southern African name meaning thank you
Nakimera The talent or present of skills from God.
Kiden Kiden means A Girl born after 3 Boys
Montsho A black colored person
Abla African Akan - Girl born on Tuesday; Has an Arabic meaning as voluptuous
Kiho Kiho means Fog
Kimani Kimani means One who is Beautiful and Sweet
Adaeh Crowned
Keita Keita means Blessing in African and The Child was a Huge Gift
Kenia Kenia means Greates. Also a Country in Africa
Gakeri A small muscle. A variant of Gakere.
Wamuiru A dark skinned beauty.
Behati Afrikaans form of Beata
Wairimu One of the nine founders of Agikuyu.
Becca African Bobangi - To forecast; Predict; Borrow; Bound; Derived from Rebecca; A variant of Becky
Kinfe Kinfe means Wings
Mansa Third Born Girl; King of Kings; Emperor;
Kirabo Kirabo means The One who is a Gift of the God
Cyrah Lord-like figure
Juji people with this name are intense and know how to live their lives. they have a unique and attractive personality.
Kayin Kayin means The Child that has been Long Awaited
Kabibe Kabibe means Little Lady
Becka African Bobangi - To forecast; Predict; Borrow; Bound; Derived from Rebecca; A variant of Becky
Keishla Keishla name means Her Life
Kande Kande name means The Firstborn Female Child
Ellema An efficient person who milks the Cow
Tiaret She who is like a lioness
Kendi Kendi means The one who is Loved and Cherised
Fara Level Measure; Beautiful; Lovely; Pleasant; Good Looking; Joyful; Reason for rejoicing
Nomuula Who is like unto Yahweh (Unchanging God)
Mugure Kenyan term
Saidah One who has great luck
Loba Sharing a conversation
Machupa One who likes to drink.
Mikaili The one who is likely to the God's messenger.
Kissa Kissa means Sister of Twins
Okal English short form of a Greek "Nicodemus" that means victory of the people.
Nnenia The one who looks same as her grand mother.
Kamaria The name means Bright like the Moon
Badriya One who is like the full Moon
Zaila Beautiful; Good Looking; Charming;
Japera One who offers thanks
Tarisai A woman who is nice to look at
Sanura A kitten
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