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Like Names Means
Kissa Kissa means Sister of Twins
Kirabo Kirabo means The One who is a Gift of the God
Kioni The one who sees and finds things.
Kione Kione name means He came from Nowhere
Kinfe Kinfe means Wings
Kimya Kimya means Silent
Kimonia Means Great Woman
Kimmie Kimmie means Rock with Diamonds
Kimani Kimani means One who is Beautiful and Sweet
Kijana Kijana means Youth
Kiho Kiho means Fog
Kiden Kiden means A Girl born after 3 Boys
Kianga Kianga means The Beams of The SUn
Kia Kia means Season is Beggining
Kesslee Kessie means Chubby Baby
Kessie The name means Lion
Kesin The name means Earth-Bound
Kerubo Born on the plain.
Kenya Kenya means Mauntain of Whiteness
Kenia Kenia means Greates. Also a Country in Africa
Kendy Kendy mens The One who is Loved a Lot
Kendi Kendi means The one who is Loved and Cherised
Kenda Kenda means Child of Clear
Kelenna Kelenna means Town of Keels
Keita Keita means Blessing in African and The Child was a Huge Gift
Keishla Keishla name means Her Life
Keisha Keisha name means She is a Favorite
Kehinde Came second or the second born child.
Keeya The name means the Flower of the Garden
Kecia Kecia means Great
Kayin Kayin means The Child that has been Long Awaited
Kaya Native American - Little but wise; African - Home; Japanese Yew
Kaweria The loving one.
Kaula Kaula means Woman Prophet
Katlego The name means Success
Kataleya Pure
Karimah Karimah name means is Big-Hearted
Karasi Krasi means Life and Wisdom
Kanoni The name means Little Bird
Kaniqua Kaniqua means Black Dress
Kanika The name Kanika means Seed
Kande Kande name means The Firstborn Female Child
Kamaria The name means Bright like the Moon
Kalere Kalere means Small Woman
Kalei The name Kalei means The One who works for the Kinf
Kainda Kainda means The Hunter's Daughter
Kaikara Kaikara means Traditional Name of God
Kacela Kacela means the Great Huntress
Kabili Name Kabili means Honest
Kabibe Kabibe means Little Lady
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